2009 Week 3 Pick 'Em Game Results Posted

Michael HoppesCorrespondent ISeptember 20, 2009

All the games have been entered, and congratulations goes out to SOONERFLASH for winning week 3. This moves SOONERFLASH into a first place tie with sawyer for the season, with a two way tie for 3rd just two points back and others nipping at their heals.

I had the idea to drop the lowest weekly total to make it easier to compete in the Pick ‘Em game, so it’s not just an endurance test in playing every week. Some liked the idea, but since we started the season without this rule, I won’t change anything this season. But next season we’ll have the 1 or 2 week drop rule, and all weeks will either be worth the same points (all games with 1 point) or you get to put confidence points to your picks, so the total is even, but each game isn’t worth the same. Perhaps something like the “Lock of the week” where you get to assign extra points to 1 game you’re sure about.