They Did Actually Box You Know: Mayweather Vs. Marquez

Captain FantabulousCorrespondent ISeptember 20, 2009

I thought I'd break the trend, and do a first on this web site. Write a Mayweather vs. Marquez article about what actually happened in the ring. Not just a review of why the result doesn't matter, for various reasons.

Revolutionary, I know, but give it a chance.

A lot of drama on the weigh in. Marquez at 142, Mayweather at 146. A bit naughty. But I don't think it was much of an issue.

Floyd historially weighs in at about 146, and fights at 147. His highest ever "in ring" weight is 150 pounds. And that was bulking up for De la Hoya.I think we can safely say that he was nowhere near the size he was versus Oscar.

If he was the type of fighter that puts on 15 pounds after weighing in (say Ricky Hatton) I'd have an issue. But he was always going to fight at 147 anyway. Like he has for every Welterweight fight he has ever had. So it was more a case of him not wanting to boil down.

As I said, that is a bit naughty, as the whole point of catchweights, in general, is to hurt the bigger guy, and even it up a bit. That never happened.

But the bigger picture, he weighed in at 146 and fought at 147-148. Rather than weighing in at 144 and fighting at 147-148.


Marquez put on a lot after the weigh-in. Seven pounds. In the ring at nearly 149 pounds. Too much? Who knows.

Really though. Storm in a tea cup, definition, Marquez's weight. The guy's in ring, against Diaz at 143 pounds in his last fight. He put on five pounds basically.

Of course, five pounds is quite a lot when it's you've never fought at a weight, but that's boxing. Zab Judah got bashed up by Joshua Clottey last year. How much sympathy did he get for the fact Clottey was 23 pounds heavier than him?


PPV sales. Well Marquez made a record purse, and Mayweather made eight figures, so I think we can safely assume that it was better than expected.  

Bout. I was surprised how good Mayweather was. I thought Marquez would cause him a few problems. Juan caught him on a bad day though.

Floyd, for me, was punch perfect. Marquez wasn't that bad. Floyd just didn't make a single error in the entire fight.

His defense was out of this world. Even for his standards. Marquez didn't get into double figures, in terms of punches landed, in any single round.

It gets worse. Marquez threw 288 power punches, and landed 21. 21 out of 288.

You know, when you are only able to land 89 punches in a fight, I'm unsure how being 4 pounds lighter can be much of an excuse.

Marquez couldn't catch Mayweather. That is what defined the fight.

Defensively, Mayweather put on a masterclass performance. He slipped 88% of the punches Marquez sent his way.

88% is ridiculous. Even for Mayweather. And what's more, I don't think he was even fighting that defensively. He wasn't running. He was on the front foot for most of the fight.

He was there to be hit. He stuck his chin out and challenged Marquez to go for him. That was the point. He didn't have the skills or the speed. And that's why he lost.

Mayweather was just as good offensively. His jab was out of this world, which surprised me, as I thought Marquez would dominate on the jab.

He followed up his accurate jab, to both body and head, with blazing single shots from distance. Landing on Marquez at will.

His most dangerous shot being his ridiculous left hook. Surely now, it's his "trademark" shot, and one of the most effective punches in boxing. 

For any Floyd rookies, he throws a snapping left jab. He also throws a lightening quick left hook. The problem for opponents is the fact that they look identical from the shoulder.

It's an illusion.

He looks like he is throwing a jab. Most fighters don't mind taking jabs, so don't defend. Oh no, it's actually a hook, and he's just landed a power shot on you.

Floyd lands this shot again, and again, and again. And they never work it out. It's impossible to work out.

As a fan of technical boxing, I loved this fight. It was a masterclass of counter punching technical fighting.

Marquez may be a small-ish fighter. But he's not a slow fighter. And he's not an inaccurate fighter.

He landed 12% normal punches, and 7% of power punches. 90 in total. Throwing nearly 900.

That's not a bad fighter. Marquez is a great fighter, who would give most 140-147 fighters a very hard fight.

When an opponent is that elusive though, you don't stand much of a chance.

For the future. Well.

Contrary to popular belief, Mayweather actually invited Mosely and Hopkins into the ring. Weeks in the making. It was staged by Golden Boy. To create hype.

Why? Options. Pacquiao/Cotto is the plan, but Arum is playing hard ball. Notoriously hard to deal with, it may be an impossible fight to make.

Many superfights have vanished into thin air because of Bob's old-school management technique. Don't bet against this being one of them.

Bob may price both of them out, and concentrate on in house bouts instead. Most likely a Cotto vs. Pacquiao rematch/trilogy, if it's a popular bout.

Golden Boy warning Bob to be smart. Or they'll make Mosely vs. Mayweather instead.

Would I fancy any of Cotto, Pacquiao or Mosely against Mayweather? Mosely would have the best chance, in my opinion, but would still start as an underdog.

When I watch how easily Marquez landed on Pacquiao. And then see him landing 90 out of 900 against Mayweather. And then think how much faster and accurate Mayweather is.

Sorry, Manny. I don't see the result being that much different than Saturday's bout.








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