Zorn Is Facing One Of Those 'You Had Better Win Games'

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Zorn Is Facing One Of Those 'You Had Better Win Games'
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After a week of whining and crying about what could have been, Coach Zorn and company are faced with a very important game.  On paper Washington is far superior to the Rams, yet one cannot help but reflect back on five games from last year-the Lions, Browns, Rams, Bengals and 49'ers whose total record was 17-62-1, yet Zorn managed a disappointing 2-3 against those teams scoring a paltry 93.  If you can't beat the teams that you're supposed to beat  NFL can mean Not-For-Long (Jerry Glanville euphemism).  Not only should Washington beat the Rams, they should beat them handily.  Yet many questions remain and must be answered:

1.  Did the Giants defense really take the wide receivers away from Campbell or does it reflect Campbell's propensity to throw dump offs underneath?  Out of 19 completions 14 were to Cooley and Randle-El.

2.  Despite the push up the middle by Haynesworth and Griffin, are the defensive ends the weakness on the defensive line?

3. Does Greg Blache's defensive scheme limit Haynesworth's ability to disrupt the offense?

4.  Is the secondary overrated? 

5.  Does the designation of Betts as the definite third down back benefit the opponent's defensive game plan?

6.  Do the trick plays in the first game reveal a sense of desperation in Jim Zorn?

7.  Has the importance of pass protection in the preseason diminished the running game?

8. Has Landry become the weak link in the secondary?

    These are just a few questions that seem to stand out in my opinion.  There's the old adage that winning cures everything.  Well, for me it only tempers the criticism.  Enjoy the game folks.  It should be fun, but it could get ugly. 



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