Sonny Dykes Needs To Go

Theodore SkrobackContributor ISeptember 20, 2009

I'm sick of week in and week out not utilizing a very talented offense the way it needs to be. Matt Scott is the prototypical spread option quarterback. I saw one shotgun option run in that game..... I think maybe four in the NAU game..... And three in the Central Michigan game. OK so that is the number one issue, under utilizing the talents of Matt Scott because the guy doesn't have an amazing arm so they need to use his legs more.

2. Play calling all together is awful. Here are the plays Dykes has. Bug screen to the receiver (In every formation). Screen to the running back (basically out of the singleback up the middle). Shotgun draw play. Thats it in a nut shell. Then he builds off that with plays that are basically the same.

The playcalling problem in this game was very relevant. He calls a designed qb run with the left guard pulling, got great yards in the first quarter, couple plays later the end around with Delashaun Dean. Fast forward to the third quarter. First play of a drive same play, designed run with Scott, left guard pulls and it gets blown up. (If you do a successful play you don't go back to it you build on it, fake the designed run with that guard pulling then try to hit a receiver going across the middle behind the linebackers that just got pulled up because they know you have had success with that play before.) Next play after that stuff hmmmm Dean on the end around...... stuffed.... really Sonny?

3. Doesn't utilize receivers. For Gods sake get the ball to the outside receivers they are 6'4". its called quick slants and curls throw it high. Turner needs to not be played on the outside but to use his vision and quickness(not speed but quickness) in the slot across the middle he is their toughest receiver. Kiola Antolin needs more reps. They need to run more shoutgun with Grigsby and Kiola on both sides of Scott. Can i hear triple option? Also stop running from singleback formation the line took a big hit loosing Eben Britton and not having Rob Gronkowski. More formations with Chris Gronkowski leading the way. This offense is so talented, just not used correctly.

4. Sub packages. Get some more packages of players coming in and out, again like I said this offense is so talented get more packages for say bug wright and the other faster players to get the ball in their hands more subbing = confusion for the defense and more film to study during the week.

5. More motion and movement. Come out all spread out with even Chris Gronkowski in a five wide formation, then shift to an I-formation, Plays like this on third and one(which have proven to be hard to get) will spread the defense initially so when you tighten up if someone on the defense is still trying to get in position then you have that hole. Dykes needs to give the defenses more to think about.

6. I'm sorry Mark Stoops that your defense comes prepared but the offensive coordinator still thinks he is playing madden with his buddies where the same four plays always work.

7. Coaching- Tell Grigsby every play doesn't have to be a big one he always stretches it out and doesn't just cut his losses cut up field and try to get what he can. Tell Matt Scott to step up in that pocket stop being so statuesque, I love his confidence in his line but don't be like Tuitama back there. And keep his confidence up, you can see he is getting broken out there, help him with how he reads his progressions and get him to throw the checkdown instead of just getting flustered, a four yard gain is better than no gain.

Closing thoughts. More Shotgun option with Scott, more motion and movement, vast playcalling, and substitutions. Utilize your talent.