Hokies-Huskers :Ugly Game, Incredible Ending

Jacob MotleyContributor ISeptember 19, 2009

The game was nothing anyone thought it would be, and ended in a fashion that no one expected.

Nebraska couldn't find the endzone, and Virginia Tech couldn't find an offense expect the opening drive and the closing drive.

The game as a whole was a let down for both teams.

Virginia Tech fans had to watch their team continue to have a horrible game on the offensive end. Tyrod Taylor continued to struggle, and Virginia Tech only had one yard of offense in the third quarter, yes thats right, one yard.

Nebraska saw a different quarterback then what they saw the first two games of the season. Zac Lee could only complete about 33 percent of his passes, without the first touchdown and two interceptions. A far cry from the guy who threw six touchdowns in the first two games of the season.

Being down 15 to 10 with less than two minutes left and basically the entire field in front of them seemed like an impossible feat for Virginia Tech who like I said earlier, only had one yard of offense the previous quarter.

But Tyrod Taylor some how found an 80 yard bomb to Danny Coale, and finished it off with an incredible "Tyrod Taylor special", scrambling until he found Dyrell Roberts in the end zone to put the Hokies up by one with less than 30 seconds left.

Zac Lee had a prayer to win, but threw an interception and that was all she wrote.

The game couldn't have been much worse for Virginia Tech, but somehow ended in a win. They must get their team ready for an incredible matchup next week, when the red-hot Miami Hurricanes come to town.