The Unending Battle of Good Versus Evil: A Pro Wrestling Tale

Babyface MarkContributor ISeptember 19, 2009

LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 07:  Wrestler CM Punk arrives at the 1st Annual Epiphone Revolver Golden Gods Awards at the Club Nokia on April 7, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

Many attempting to chronicle the history of the long-fought battle between good and evil would mistakenly suggest this endeavor has been contested since the beginning of time.

But alas dear friends, those same individuals would be spewing falsities from their flaming lips, as there was indeed a time when evil was absent from the world.

When debating such a historical and theological topic, but one source can provide the breadth of knowledge one needs to comprehend before being able to fully sympathize with my mission at hand.

Dear friends, I hope not to discourage anyone or allow religious fallacies to fall within my words for your religion of given choice, but today, I must request you find a certain book on your shelves.

For many of you, look for the dustiest book on your shelve and remove it into your palms. The book before you comes from the word of God, the Lord and Savior; and has been told through countless generations. The book in your hands remains universally known as The Bible. 

The pages of said book hold the story of how evil has corrupted the mere mortals of this realm, the men and women like yourself who struggle against sin every waking, and many sleeping, minutes of their short-lived existences in the planes.

God created the Garden of Eden, and placed man and woman into his created paradise, allowing them to walk naked and not be shamed. Lurking in the shadows, however, was the evil serpent, looking to introduce a new concept into the realm, one that would later consumer human life as its known.

That serpent, dear friend, lured the man named Adam and his wife named Eve into eating from the forbidden tree, thus raining sin down upon the world. Sin has never gone away.

One came who paid the ultimate price so that his followers could enter the greatest kingdom of Heaven, but sin remains prevalent in life. Many have repented, but even more have perished without apologizing for violating God's sacred rules.

Now you may wonder why I choose to share my philosophies and the tales of this ongoing crusade with you, the members of a professional wrestling community on this fine Web site.

There lurks one among you who sinks to the level of the serpent in the proverbial garden. The one who calls himself Heel Mark spews his own philosophies and viewpoints and wants you to believe the same ideological theories he has concocted in his own warped mind.

As professional wrestling fans, you should all be familiar with the struggles that we who preach the light face in the battles of evil. Our allies in the ring often face overwhelming odds, but when they call upon the powers of light, they persevere through the darkness of evil.

As our names imply, Heel Mark and I stem from this same brutal pattern. I stand for those who represent the pure, while he represents the ones who must cheat to maintain their status in society.

Our battles have long been fought in the wrestling ring, in the backstage areas, in parking lots, in steel cages, and now, here on the pages of Bleacher Report.

I have vowed upon my recent arrival to relentlessly pursue my mission of ridding this community of Heel Mark, and I will not rest until I have accomplished a goal thousands of years in the making.

You, dear friend, now have the benefit of watching this battle unfold, just as you do at least four days a week (five when Sundays become truly special), but now it steps out of your living room television and into your daily life.

It's not longer John Cena fighting to overcome nemesis Randy Orton. It's no longer the good graces of TNA struggling to overcome the evils of Vince Russo. It's much more than that; it's your life and existence here in this community.

If the world of professional wrestling journalism is to prosper, there must be a distinct winner in the battle of light versus dark on this site.

The evil ones must be removed so that you can stop mindlessly answering his decrees to follow in his beliefs and choose yourselves.

Heel Mark doesn't want you to speak about moving top stars from ECW; he wants you to sit complacent where you are, watching them flop around as the big fish in a very small pond on Tuesday nights.

I agree with him that Christian, a name radiating light rather than dark, should stay, but should you, dear friend, not have the right to your own belief?

My dark counterpart wants you to believe your charismatic enigma lacks true artistic talent in and out of the the ring, and that he's nothing more than a stunt monkey drug addict.

But isn't it your right to form your own decisions? God allowed us to repent all but one unpardonable sin and find our way to Heaven, so are we right to condemn Jeff Hardy for his actions in his life?

He lurks in the shadows of this site, pointing out grammar mistakes and criticizing people for straying from article topics in the comment threads. What only adds to the darkness of his shroud is that he preys on the young, the members of your community under the age of 18.

He taunts them and baits them to his ways, trying to diminish their spirits and ruin their wills. This site needs a bastion of light who will inspire our youth, as they will be the ones to carry the future.

My time for now draws to a close, but rest assured dear friend, that I will return. There is much enlightenment left to be provided in this community, and I will not rest unless this chapter of the battle between good and evil has come to a close.

I will not make my voice unheard until my dark counterpart has been eradicated completely.

I hope you have seen the ways of the light and will join me in my efforts to remove the evil from professional wrestling journalism.

May God be with you, dear friend.