College Football: After 130 Years We Still Don't Have a National Champion

Henry MontgomeryContributor IMay 28, 2008

It's 2008.  I only felt the need to remind you since college football seems to think it's somewhere near 1952.  

The college season has a free-form shape to it, a random assortment of clubs who create their own schedules and vie for enough national publicity to have a lottery's chance at a national title.  Can't we get some kind of organization for a 117 team Collegiate Division 1 Football league? 

Enough is enough already, the NCAA should require that every team plays a 10 game schedule and every conference should have a championship game.  

The conference champion would go to a 12 team tournament for the national title.  Each team would be seeded according to strength of schedule and overall record with the top four teams receiving a bye.  The brackets would be very similar to a March Madness bracket.

With this set-up the most games a team can play is 14still probably too many, but doable.  The rest of the teams who are not in the tournament can play consolation bowl games for added TV exposure and a 12th game.  

Now with a tournament, all of a sudden college football is more exciting than college basketball.  

Maybe after a hundred years of playing college football, this country can figure out a national champion.