Smart, Sexy and Powerful? Divas of the WWE, Need More Training.

Blue ChipCorrespondent ISeptember 19, 2009

Short & Good

Divas are nice to look at, but they really have not come far since the days of "Puppies!"

Every PPV and every show, there is always one Divas Match. I know that this is the time I can get up, walk around....Because essentially, Diva matches are as entertaining as the commercial break.

Recently, I asked J.R. what the whole "Smart, Sexy, and Powerful" campaign is going to go on for. (Because how many times can we hear....?) He told me, "It is merely a marketing slogan." So, it could go on for a while, but I can't help but think, "This may all have something to do with Jerry Lawler's "Puppies!""

So how about the ring performance...

Several years back, before Finlay made his on-camera return to the WWE, He was actually training the Divas, full time.

I asked J.R.: "Do you think the Diva training has gotten better or worse, since the days of being trained by Finlay?"

J.R.- "If Finlay trained the Divas full time they would be much more fundamentally sound, but unfortunately he doesn't. I feel that WWE Divas need more training before they are put on TV."

And there it is. When I watch, it seems like I am watching wrestling from 20 years ago. Uneventful, but also, very easy to see mistakes and fakes.

Sexy, but dance competitions, holiday themed matches and bikini contests, don't exactly conjure up the words, "Smart and Powerful."

Thanks for the time