Would Smaller Gloves, Help Boxing?

Tyson HarrisCorrespondent ISeptember 19, 2009

Same rules, same fighters, smaller gloves?

Boxing can be the most entertaining 12 rounds of television a person could ever watch, but more often than not, it’s most boring. Would a seven or eight ounce glove help boxing? Boxers would really feel the big shots, and have less time to see it.

It would sharpen the skill by making the boxers cut angles more and actually rely on moving rather than sitting in front of a shot and covering. Attacks and combinations would show a more realistic result, and basically would make for a more entertaining sport.

I think this would take a lot of the wasted time out of the sport, there would be more knock outs, and an all around faster fight; at the same time giving you a better idea of whom actually has some sort of a chin.

No matter what, unless maybe they took the gloves right off, boxing could never be as hardcore and real fight wise as MMA.