Fantasy Football: Week Four Perspectives

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Fantasy Football: Week Four Perspectives
IconAt this point in the season, you're not going to see players who continue to underachieve or overachieve without actually being that good or that bad.

As such, I've decided to change the format a bit this week to highlight names and situations that are simply worth mentioning.

The Tampa Bay Running Game

Anyone who saw Cadillac's "knee injury" (aka "I think my knee just exploded") probably rushed to the waiver wire before the full diagnosis.

Between the two replacements, who's going to be better?

Earnest Graham is your man in this case—which is too bad, because Pittman has better Fantasy potential. The Bucs will likely keep Pittman in the third-down role and bump Graham up to starter (think 20 carries a game to Pittman's 10).

Sammy Morris

For some reason, the Pats don't trust Laurence Maroney with more than 20 carries—but they trust Morris to get the job done when Maroney is out.

Case in point: Monday night was the Sammy Morris Show, as Morris surpassed all of Maroney's numbers for the season. It remains to be seen how things will continue, but for right now, Morris is much more valuable.

The Eagles

Talk about inconsistency. I'm not expecting Tony Romo numbers from you guys, but can you at least play well two games in a row?

The Giants pass D is on par with Detroit's, whom the Eagles tore apart last week. This week, the Giants set a record for sacks against McNabb, killing the pass game.

On the bright side, the Philly running game has never looked better. With Westbrook out, Buckhalter played, well, like Westbrook.

If you don't own him yet, make it a priority.

The Bills Offense

Trent Edwards looked sharp, but then again it was against the Jets (no defense has allowed more points this season).

Still, 22 of 28 is nothing to scoff at, and Edwards finally got Lee Evans involved, bringing some Evans owners off the ledge.

Marshawn Lynch looked solid as usual—he reminds me of a Warrick Dunn who can score. A highly underrated player if you're going shopping.

Undervalued Wide Receivers

Grab these under-the-radar guys before they have their big games:

Dwayne Bowe

Mike Furrey

Jerry Porter

Michael Jenkins

Kenny Watson

Donte Stallworth

Mushin Muhammad

Also, as a change, I'll be incorporating a Q&A session at the end of each column from here on out.

Leave questions in the comments section; I will answer them next week.

 A few from last week:

1. Byran — Do you think that Romo's draft position was hurt because of the fluke screw up that ended their run? I can't help but feel that he was a steal in many people's drafts because of the bad taste left in all Cowboy's fans mouths. He's reminding everyone what the Tuna (and Hollywood models) saw in him.

I don't think it has anything to do with the kick. In fact, I think the kick might have helped his value, as it gave him something to prove coming into '07.

I think what really killed his draft status was that he didn't play an entire season, and a lot of people foresaw a possible decline in his numbers.

Now, if you equate playing a good defense as a "potential drop in numbers," you're right. But it doesn't mean that he can't still put up two TDs and an INT in any given week.

2. Kevan — Should I give up now if I am depending on Ronnie Brown from week to week? I think I already know the answer.

You never want to "depend" on any player...unless he's part of the Patriots offense.

Seriously, though, Brown has probably peaked in value—he's put up two consecutive dominant performances, and looks like he'll keep it up.

Except that, well, he's Ronnie Brown, and I don't trust him for a second.

If you look into his Week Four stats, you'll see that he was averaging a reasonable YPC once you take away the big 60-yard scamper. I don't see him breaking 100 yards every week, nor do I see him hitting paydirt every week.

What I DO see is him catching at least five balls for 80 yards a game, because Trent Green is constantly under pressure.

If you're looking to upgrade at another position, now's your chance to deal Ronnie. Otherwise, stick with him, and believe that he won't pull a Ricky Williams.

3.  Dave — What if any bounce-back potential do you see with Brees? Sure, he has looked absolutely godawful the first few weeks, but he is a talented player and he isn't going to keep throwing picks and no TDs all season.

Brees does have some serious turnaround potential, as he has played tough defenses to start the season.

Will he be throwing for 350 yards and 3 TDs every week? Not unless they play the Lions or Giants.

If Brees "levels out," a more realistic weekly expectation would be 200 yards, a TD, and an INT. Serviceable—but not really a Fantasy option.

On the "start-o-meter," he ranks ahead of Tarvaris Jackson but below David Garrard (Garrard at least gets the rushing yards).

Don't be looking to buy unless he can make some serious adjustments.

4. Tony — Who is the man in the Bengals offense? Johnson or Housh?

Now THAT's a great question.

Palmer likes to use both of them equally, but Johnson is generally in a position to score more often. He gets much higher off the ground and covers an obscene amount of turf in getting the ball.

Houshmandzadeh, while faster, is generally sent over the middle, and only scores when he breaks a tackle.

In reality, the only difference between the two this year will be that Housh will likely have  a few more receptions and maybe 100 more yards, but Chad will have about three more touchdowns.

Leave questions for next week in the comments section!

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