Simple Way To Beat The Boys

Nicholas LianosCorrespondent ISeptember 19, 2009

The Sunday night game between the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants will set a record of 104,000 people going home disappointed.  This game will be close but in the end the Giants better lines will be the difference.

Here is what I will do.

Dallas is going to come out and try to get to Eli early and often. A simple way to combat that is with screen passes or short passing game. Use Bradshaw's quickness and the Boys agressiveness against them.  We should be able to hit at least one big play against the blitz early in the game. 

I would also use the No huddle against the Cowboys for all of the first half.  Spreading the boys out will allow us to better match up against the thin Cowboy defense.  Its not something that they will be expecting. 

Next use an unbalanced line and run right at the Cowboys.  The Bucs used the exact same thing for big success against the Boys defense. If the Bucs could gain over 4.5 yards per carry what do you think the Gmen are going to do?

On defense, the Cowboys will try to throw at a dismantled secondary with the Giants missing Ross and possibly Phillips and Dockery. With that the Giants must first take away Whiten.  Double him early to force the ball to the wideout who at best are unreliable. Corey Webster can handle slow footed Roy Williams leaving only Austin Miles and Clayton to beat you. 

Second blitz Romo all day. Follow the Jets game plan against the Texans from week 1 and attack Romo from every direction.  Romo is banged up already playing into the Giants hand.

On special teams must not give up a big play.  Felix Jones is a speedster that must be kept in check.  Feagles and Tynes have to when called apon make Dallas go a long way to score.

Final Score Giants 24 Cowboys 20.

Stats: Eli Manning 215 yards passing with 1 touchdown and 1 INT

Brandon Jacobs 20 carries 110 yards 1 touchdown

Ahmad Bradshaw 100 total yards and 1 touchdown

Kevin Boss 4 recs for 70 yards

Tuck and Umenyiora get a sack each

Giants 2-0 Cowboys 1-1