Ti-Cats Swing Past Defending Cup Champs Calgary

Brad NortonCorrespondent ISeptember 18, 2009

A very poor first half game for both teams, as seems to be the normal for ti-cats games this season. T

he pace was picked up by both teams in the second half to make for a very interesting final product.

Of course, Hamilton edged with a 24-17 come from behind victory over the defending Grey Cup champs, the Calgary Stampeders. As I mentioned before, Hamilton needed QB Quinton Porter back as Kevin Glenn just wasn't getting it done.

While it seemed everyone, but me and Marcel Bellefeuille wanted Glenn to be put in after half time. They changed their minds during the second half as the ti-cats out scored the Stamps 14-3 to edge out the win.

Porter played a major role in that hald, not to mention Mr. Adam Tafralis connecting with Arland Bruce for the TD catch fooling the Stampeder defense.

As far as the penalties went, I'd say they were pretty even as both teams had their fair share.

I'd also like to make a shout out to Marcel Bellefeuille for keeping his offense on that 20 more seconds or so and then having Porter call a time out and put the Tigercats punting team on with 23 seconds left.     

Just to pretty much ensure a victory it was booted down their deep giving Burris and the Stamps little time to do something and the punt ensured the victory.

As far as defense goes the Ti-cats are something else and that's usually the only thing keeping them alive in the first two and sometimes even three quarters of the game.  

This puts the Ti-cats at a 6-5 record with their next game at home against Montreal.

Until that time, catch ya on the flip side.