Move Over Sam Bradford, You've Got Company

Brady StiffContributor ISeptember 18, 2009

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL - SEPTEMBER 17: Quarterback Jacory Harris #12 of the Miami Hurricanes scrambles against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets at Land Shark Stadium on September 17, 2009 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

Awhile back, I was talking with my friends about how I thought this year's Heisman Trophy battle would be a three-horse race, between Florida's Tim Tebow, Texas' Colt McCoy, and Oklahoma's Sam Bradford.

But after injuring his shoulder in Oklahoma's Week 1 loss to the Cougars of BYU, it looks like, at least to me, that Sam Bradford won't be the next Archie Griffin. He would need to play every game the rest of the way and put up huge numbers, which with that ailing throwing shoulder, just doesn't seem possible. There will be other players who will play the entire season and will end up with better numbers.

One of those guys resides in Coral Gables, Florida at the University of Miami, where it's All About the U!

His name is Jacory Harris, and if you haven't heard about him, make sure you DVR the next game he plays because this kid is for real.

Now, of course it's only been two weeks. But the thing is, the Hurricanes haven't played cupcakes during those two weeks. They've played two ranked teams, and come out on top both times. They played #18 Florida State and beat them 38-34. Then just last night they absolutely dominated 14th-ranked Georgia Tech 33-17. If you watched that game, you know that it could have easily been 56-10.

Harris' stat lines look like this:     

Wk 1 vs FSU: 21-34 for 386 yds, 3 TD's (1 rushing) and 2 INT's.

Wk 2 vs GT: 20-25 for 270 yds, 3 TD's.

Now those stats may not blow you away, but it's the visual factor that has me so excited about watching him play. When he drops back he not only looks confident, but he looks poised as well. Harris is only a sophomore, and he played a pretty good amount as a true freshman. He's got the experience on his side, and it shows in the pocket.

It looks like the game has slowed down for him. He looks relaxed and completely unfazed by the defense.

Credit that to his offensive line. He's only been sacked once in the two games thus far. Now, he has some ability with his legs, but he hasn't had to use them much this season because his line has been so good. Sure, you could say that any quarterback would be good with a really good offensive line like Miami's. But the fact remains, the quarterback still has to be accurate with the football.

Jacory Harris is exactly that. He completed 80% of his passes last night, and by season's end I think he could be near the top of that list nationally.

He's also got a pretty good running game to help him out. Graig Cooper and Javarris James have each gained over 100 yards on the season thus far, as Miami might be moving toward the growing trend of a 2-running back platoon. Having fresh legs in there is obviously an advantage for the offense.

Put all these factors together, and you've got a pretty darn good Miami offense that can seemingly score at will.

Jacory Harris is the fearless leader of the 'Canes, and I wouldn't be surprised at all if, come December, Harris was getting some recognition.

Now I'm not saying the 'Canes are title contenders, but they've got a good defense as well (which I didn't even mention in here).

I usually don't watch Miami Hurricane football, but I'll be sure to catch every game I possibly can in 2009.