Dr. Bob Previews AKRON (+3) Vs. INDIANA

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Dr. Bob Previews AKRON (+3) Vs. INDIANA
(Photo by David Maxwell/Getty Images)

Indiana 27 AKRON (-3.0) 26

12:30 PM Pacific Time Saturday, Sep-19

Akron's senior quarterback Chris Jacquemain has been suspended and sophomore Matt Rodgers will take over. Rodgers hasn't shown much with his arm (just 3 for 8 for 24 yards), but he's run for over 70 yards on 5 rushing plays in the first two games, so he appears to be able to do some damage on the ground. My ratings favored Akron by only 1 point with Jacquemain and I'd favor Indiana by 1 1/2 points without him (if Rodgers plays like a typical first time starter).

The Hoosiers look good offensively in their new Pistol formation (6.2 yppl) and I rate them as better than Akron on both sides of the ball.

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