Jacory Harris..Is There A New Univ of Miami Hurricane Era Brewing In Miami..?

Daton O. FullardContributor ISeptember 18, 2009

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL - SEPTEMBER 17:  Quarterback Jacory Harris #12 of the Miami Hurricanes celebrates after defeating the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets at Land Shark Stadium on September 17, 2009 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Miami defeated Georgia Tech 33-17.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

Just who are these young very talented bold and brash 2009 Miami Hurricanes..?

Why should everyone in the Top 25 of America's Football Polls. Be very troubled and perhaps more than just a little bit worried and concerned about. What is going on in Coral Gables FL..?

Just what is it about this 2009 Edition of this young unheralded micro brewing Category 2 UM Hurricane..That could by the end of the 2009-2010 Football Season. Mature so fast and then possibly become such a devastating Category 5 Storm later in this Season of "The Hurricanes".

A season no one outside of this team even saw coming. Nor expected to see become such a dynamic imposing force in this rebuilding and retooling stage. Yet some of their current opposition is now being surgically dismantled manhandled and being blindsided by..?  

Any analysis of these 2009 up and coming UM Hurricanes has to begin with one Jacory Sherrod Harris. What most people unfamiliar with South Florida Football. Do not yet recognize or realize is. Just how very special and extraordinary this young man truly is.

Just who the heck is this Jacory Harris guy anyway..? Some just see a slender tall gangly stringbean like 6'4" 195lb QB.

One who is a product of an already potent Miami Northwestern High School program. Someone who already is a firmly established local Football Legend. A young man who is just as quietly competitive fiery and as intense as the Sun on the inside..

Yet just as cool as an Alaskan Glacier to those who always will see the unchanging facial expressions. He exhibits to those who look at him from the outside. This is a very talented and interesting young Star in the making..

Who the rest of America is now waking up to and about to be fully introduced to.

Mr. Jacory Sherrod Harris is without a doubt the new emerging future face of College Football. This young Man is just as close as you can get to a quiet calm serene thoughtful Gentleman..With a second on field personality. Seemingly akin to that of that of a very calm yet stoic, clinically precise surgical Assassin.

Cleverly disguised as a legitimate Miami Hurricane Program Tradition resurrecting Savior. All wrapped up into one heckuva Quarterback package.

Many of us may never see the likes of again..Unless you look at His rapidly progressing potential emerging clone. The current Miami Northwestern High School QB.. I tend to think of Jacory Harris from looking at him through his competitive developmental years.

As a freaky combination of Tiger Woods imperial steely will. Sort of a Football hybrid of Lebron James and that other someone with the unparalleled will to win..With the initials of MJ recently inducted into the NBA Hall of fame..

So you think this comparison and suggestion is a bit farfetched or perhaps overboard and just a bit crazy..? Well count yourself among the many that have no clue about who this Kid really is yet.

Need I remind you of Ray Lewis. Ray's rather "humble" pronouncement upon arriving at UM. Was that he would be the best linebacker ever to suit up and play at the U. Ask Bobby Bowden and Georgia Tech. Whether either one of them got the License plate number of the skinny 2009 Bugati Veyron Car like offense..Miami unleashed on their now shell shocked programs..?


Guess what big time Sports America. The bad news is you still have not even seen anywhere near this Kids best work yet. Once Jacory completely learns this new Miami Offense and he will. With all of its many subtle nuances and possibilities..He and his other UM Hurricanes Teammates. Will then eventually become a very formidable and quite a downright scary team. For anyone in America to have to contend with.

While everyone is talking about how good that other Heisman Quarterback in Florida up the road a little bit is..I would caution you all by saying be careful. Do not make the mistake of underestimating. This tough competition forged. Young mentally aggressive hard as nails urban bred. University of Miami Quarterback and a Future potential Heisman Legend in the making. Who goes by the name of Jacory Harris..truly is.

By the way whose high school records has he already erased and broken that came before Him in the State of Florida..? One of which I shall not name here. Which most die hard true Hurricanes fans have already sort of taken away his temporary visa.

Just what is it that makes this young man Jacory Harris so special..? For some it is the many unseen intangibles. Something most people will never get to see or experience up close. Unless you are unlucky enough to be lined up across the other line of scrimmage. Which is probably very very bad news for you..

It is his unquestionable, uncanny already legendary poise and focus. Just staring serenely back at you. Calmly but methodically operating under the ever constant. Somewhat harsh blistering glare of the media spotlight of scrutiny. While nonchalantly introducing you to his seemingly casual. Yet unflappable indifferent acceptance of its mind bending pressure.

All the time he is quietly analyzing. Conjuring up ways to dissect what you are doing and preparing to dice and slice your defense apart. You have to force yourself to remember that he is just still only a five game starter. Operating at the collegiate level going fearlessly up against. Some of the best competition in Division One football.

Why am I so impressed you ask ? Although I still have not even mentioned his other equally rare and very unique leadership skill sets. This young barely 20 yr old man truly does make all of his otherwise. Very athletic teammates absolutely salivate and become even more intrigued and excited. About the many untapped possibilities that he sees that exist within themselves.

Though many are unfamiliar with this special skill. May choose to simply ignore or dismiss this special trait as being a bit irrelevant. A word of caution. Although you may not yourself fully understand this. Or seem to be one who chooses to discount it's authenticity significance and importance. As any competing Coach will soon see. You clearly do so at the risk of your own programs impending peril.

He, Jacory Harris does not. He just instills so much confidence in each of his UM teammates. While it is true he does make everyone else around him so much better. Folks still it is such a downright scary but equally beautiful quality to see. When His athletic and leadership ability is unfolding and revealing itself right before your eyes. In the suffocating intense heat of a tight football game.

Yet I guarantee you that deep inside. All of his teammates know very well what I am speaking of. They all just seem to know Jacory Harris will usually find away to get "it" done. Just look at his already burgeoning legendary body of work.

It is why everyone that lines up to play with Him. All seem to have that rather quiet inner knowledge and self assurance. That they are never ever out of any game with him on the field as their Leader. Now just how many points is that alone worth in a tough physical hard fought and very emotional game.

It is something I have quietly watched him develop and work at. Utilizing His special magic of finding weaknesses in defenses sent against him. Then watching him figure out how best to exploit them. Not just once but by doing it over and over time and time again. It soon becomes readily apparent. You do not doubt him in the clutch. Just learn to appreciate how very Special. Gifted and unique this very bright young man truly is.  

Perhaps just a little bit of historical perspective may be required. So you too may get a better grip and begin to see who this remarkable young man is. While becoming better acquainted with and understanding fully. Where his immense Talent, Perspective and impeccable Character. Was crafted molded and has evolved from. This young man attended a truly Legendary local Urban High School, Miami Northwestern.

A School very well known to most in the greater Miami area. Which was and already is quite rich in Athletic lore. A school quite renowned as a hotbed of high caliber Sports competition and excellence. What did Jacory Harris and some of his other teammates do while they were matriculating there. With some of the most accomplished athletes that this school has ever produced.

They merely went 30-0 and won 2 consecutive State Championships and one National Championship. While decimating and rewriting some supposedly untouchable existing performance benchmarks. While going about their business of setting many other individual, team, Local and State of Florida records in the process.

Still not convinced. What about his ability to handle adversity and pressure..you say..? How about after your High School Junior Year and surviving a brutal gauntlet of a State Championship run as a Junior..Your High School Coach and most of his entire staff is dismissed. Well before your Senior season even begins. With no Head Coach and no staff continuity even visible on the horizon.

What would you do if this were you with your very important Senior year of High School coming up..?

What Jacory Harris and his fellow Miami Northwestern Bull teammates did. Was truly quite impressive remarkable and still is a feat of legendary proportions. Now well documented in the minds and local annals of urban NW Miami..Rightfully so.

They not only held their team together and continued to practice..on their own. Until a new Head Coach was quickly named. Rapidly putting together a makeshift staff in about a week and a few days. Just before the new 2007 -2008 football season began..

What did they do under this immense pressure..? Merely went on about their business and put the finishing touches on another undefeated Championship season back to back. Graduated early and some of them enrolled at UM in Jan 08 and participated in the Hurricanes 2008 Spring Practice. Where they served noticed that they would eventually become a future factor and a force..

After dominating every High School team they played. Their final Senior year. Including a memorable nationally televised ESPN road game. Going up against a very good Southlake Carroll Texas High School..That was supposed to be a legitimate Nationally ranked Power. With an impressive unbeaten home streak of 58-0. The game was over by halftime.

Not only did they, Jacory and his Teammates do this on the road against everyones expectations. And I might add in front of about 35,000 mostly hostile fans. They did it in a very typical Northwestern Bull style and quite dominating fashion. With a stunning display of defensive and offensive athleticism.

Blinding speed, brute physical, power Cerebral football and enough Miami Pride to show the nation. Where the very best high school football in America is played.

Southlake Carroll still is looking for the Jacory Harris driven bus. That physically ran and passed all over their proud program. Some of those kids I will never forget the stunned overwhelmed look in their eyes. They never had seen a team like this. Neither did the rest of America.

If you would like to know more about this very Special young man. Just Google him as I am certain. Every Coach on UM's remaining 2009 -2010 schedule is now doing or has their scouts already doing as well..

So welcome to the calm focused and serene UM world of Jacory Harris. Oh and by the way if you happen to see Mr. Urban Meyer and that other Florida Quarterback. Somebody probably should tell them they still just might have to. Take a look over their shoulder and wonder just a little bit. If that truly and really is a fast moving rapidly developing Category 2 or 5 Hurricane. That appears to brewing in their rearview mirror.

They may yet still have an unexpected Bowl appointment with. To see this newest edition of Mr. Jacory Harris and His Fellow Cast of UM Hurricanes teammates. Sometime up close and in person during this 2009-2010 Football season.

How special would that be. To see these two brilliant young men both on the same Field..Battling with their Teammates for The State of Florida bragging rights. While dueling it out in the National Championship game..?

Is this a Miami Hurricane fans daydream or a Gator fans possible Nightmare..? However if I was betting man and I am not..My bet would surely be placed squarely on the Kid and His many Teammates from Coral Gables via Miami Northwestern and all the other schools across the nation. Whose hardworking selfless efforts are truly making the "U" a once again ever brightening Star. That just like the morning Sun is definitely on the rise..   

Just a thought..From my front porch..to yours..Go 09 Bulls and Canes..!! and a special shout out to all the other 305-954-561 area High Schools..


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