Newest Nugget Ronald "Flip" Murray?

Garrett OlsenCorrespondent ISeptember 18, 2009

Chris Tomasson of Fanhouse is reporting that Denver has stepped aside from Wally Szczerbiak and Rashad McCants and has focused in on Ronald "Flip" Murray as the replacement for departed Linas Kleiza.

Reports say that Denver wants Murray to join the team and become the scoring threat that JR Smith was last year, but the two sides have yet to reach a deal.  Sources indicate that the Nuggets will only take Murray if he accepts the vet minimum, but Murray wants the full bi-annual exception of 1.9 million dollars.

If Murray doesn't break and take the vet minimum, Denver's second option appears to be Keith Bogans who averaged 5.6 points a game to go along with 35% average from three point land.  Bogans played for Milwaukee last year.

Murray averaged 12 points a game to go along with 37% from three land with Atlanta last year.  The only downfall for both Murray and Bogans is size.  Murray is 6'3 and Bogans is 6'5 leaving the Nuggets to rely on speed and energy when the bench players are on the floor.

This strategy may actually help the Nuggets because the newly acquired Ty Lawson was the fastest point guard in the draft.  Chris "Birdman" Anderson thrives off of energy as does Renaldo Balkman.  Anthony Carter also tends to play better in a run-and-gun offense instead of a half-court offense.

Murray running with Lawson, Afflalo, Anderson and Malike Allen/Balkman could potentially be a very fast and effective bench for the Denver Nuggets.

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