Fresh Take – Hurricanes, Jets, MLB and Texas Stadium

SportsChLeagueContributor ISeptember 18, 2009

Hey sports fans, are you ready to go?  Break out the wafers, throw the rag-top back and get ready for a spin with today’s SCL’s Fresh Take, a whole new twist on sports for you, the fan.

The U is back.  After navigating the first half of the college football equivalent of “Murders Row,” the ‘Canes have a head full of steam charging into their next two clashes with ranked opponents Virginia Tech and Oklahoma. Lead by sophomore quarterback Jacory Harris, The U put a “beat down” on a decent Georgia Tech team and find themselves as the talk of the ACC.  Third year head coach Randy Shannon has assembled a lot of young talent and surrounded that talent with exception coaching with the likes of offensive coordinator Mark Whipple.  This is a good story because college football is much better when the ‘Canes are at their best.  Whether you love them or hate them, when the boys from Coral Gables are good, they wear the largest bull’s-eye in D1 football.

Has Buddy Ball taken up residence on Broadway?  With the arrive of Buddy’s son Rex Ryan in New York Jet green, it has the feel of Buddy Ball and Bounty Bowls all over again.  As the Jets prepare for their Sunday clash with the Patriots, there is no shortage of trash talking or bulletin board material being doled out by the Jet players.  Ryan has certainly brought a swagger with him to the Meadowlands and will have his team ready to play come kickoff, but with a rookie quarterback and inferior talent on the roster, look for the Pats to win this game.  I love the BOLD and cocky approach of aggressive coaches.  Buddy had it, Jimmy Johnson had it and it looks like Rex has it.  Game on!

Did you catch the Angels and Red Sox game Wednesday night?  Blue was squeezin’ the Angel pitcher in the ninth inning much to the chagrin of Angel Nation.  I watched the end of the game and saw a “coke can” for a strike zone which lead Angel manager Mike Scioscia to say the count was “three and four” on the one batter.  That is a strikeout plus one for you baseball novice.  Umpires blow calls, but the Angels need to look at the two double plays they booted earlier in the game which largely contributed the additional game in the L column.

The MLB post season race is heating up with the best races in the American League Central and National League Wildcard.  The Twins have closed the Central race to four games behind the Tigers and the Giants trail the Rockies by only 3.5.  While pitching wins championships, I do enjoy watching pearls flying out of the yard and players running around the sacks.  Whatever the outcome of the games, October is almost here and baseball will have its grandest stage.

The OFFICIAL opening of the new Texas Stadium is upon us.  The Ring of Honor and the blue star on the 50-yard line will be the finishing touches on Jerry’s billion dollar bonanza which will debut Sunday night as the Cowboys host the New York football Giants.  This stadium is JJ’s watershed moment in his twenty plus year tenure at the helm of America’s Team.  Three Super Bowls do not compare as this stadium will be Jerry Jones’ legacy to the Dallas Cowboys, Cowboy Nation and the DFW metroplex.  Did you catch that?  I said DFW metroplex, not the city of Dallas.  Why?  Because Jerry originally wanted to build his masterpiece next to American Airlines Center in downtown Big D, but the mayor of Dallas balked at the notion of providing funding for the venture.  I’m fine with the mayor looking out for the tax payer’s dinero, but she never gave the people of Dallas a chance to voice their opinion.  She swept it under the rug and never put it to a vote.  That is criminal and I hope the citizens of Dallas and Cowboy Nation let Laura Miller know that before she left office.

And that, my friends is what is HOT in sports.  Join us again tomorrow for SCL’s Fresh Take.