Drink Up, Near, Far, Wherever You Are

Right Field BleachersCorrespondent ISeptember 18, 2009

A freshly wed Jared made his triumphant return to Out of Right Field. And what a return it was! In this edition, he touches on things like:
• A grilling argument that would make Hank Hill roll in his grave. 
• Cory Chisel, who among RFB Jared, Houdini and Willem Dafoe, comprise the most famous Appleton-area residents. The YouTube clip alone is worth checking out the column.
• Alcides Escobar being named Half Pint for the 12th week this year.
• Some hilarious Prince Photoshop docs (including image above).

Read that thing HERE. And be sure to check out The Daily Drink for other Wisconsin sports goodies, such as weekly results of the suicide pool I’m competing in (representing RFB) there. I’ve heard you actually have to commit suicide if you pick incorrectly.