Unqualified Rant About Football

illya mclellanSenior Analyst ISeptember 18, 2009

BLOEMFONTEIN, SOUTH AFRICA - JUNE 16:  Coach Vicente del Bosque (2nd L) of Spain chats with a member of the team during a training session on June 16, 2009 in Bloemfontein, South Africa. Spain are in Bloemfontein to prepare for their FIFA Confederations Cup match against Iraq.  (Photo by Jasper Juinen/Getty Images)

Football, that strange pastime which so many of us are obsessed with, most notably highly payed managers and players, it is surely odd that some can say that the game means nothing when they do not even understand the nature of the fan and the entity of a football club or team.

Alternatively it could be said that there do exist a large number of things that are more important than football, like stopping war and negotiating the survival of the species.

The thing is no one who knows the game and what it can do for the individual in different moments of emotion will agree that its importance is negated due to its lack of a fatalities list.

After all, centuries of identity are carried with national sides and there is a swagger associated with the older powers of football. Victory guarantees adulation and defeat is considered vile in the extreme.

The game itself is excellent for morale and uniting groups of population and enabling all sorts of commercial rewards. It creates a pinnacle for devotees that is rarely reached but continually striven for.

In its own way, it is as the religions are, a tool of population control.

But all the same after this I admit I am a devotee of the game just because it is fun to play. The associated elements are sometimes welcome and at times unwelcome but in a quite wonderful way the game of football is a peace that is an amazing thing to experience.