Fantasy Football: Week 2 Kicker Rankings

Michael WhooleySenior Writer ISeptember 18, 2009

ATLANTA - DECEMBER 14: Kicker Jason Elam #1 of the Atlanta Falcons celebrates a game-winning, 34-yard, overtime field goal  against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers  at the Georgia Dome on December 14, 2008 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

In Week 1 of the fantasy football season, we saw a 63-yard attempt, top-rated kickers performing like bottom-tier kickers, and bottom-tier kickers booting 50+ yard field goals.

We also saw the rise of special teams leading to the rise of numerous blocked field goals. All things to keep in mind, and yet just another example of why we love this game so much—one season is never the same as the other.

The game is always evolving. When it comes to evaluating kickers after the first week, though, it’s important not to jump the gun and to stick to the basics until you have more information to go on. After all, it’s only been a week.

You don’t want to just evaluate how a kicker performed, but how well team offenses and defenses did in order to give him the chance to perform in the first place.

That being said, this early in the season, the best way to choose which kicker to play is through the same logical list of checkpoints you should use every week: strength of team offense, good or bad match up, and just how good is the kicker himself.

As the season goes on, there will be more information to help us know which kickers will consistently deliver and those who should ride the pine. Here is the Bruno Boys Fantasy Football Week 2 Kicker Rankings to help you and your fantasy lineup.

1. Ryan Longwell (Minnesota Vikings) @ Detroit

Ryan Longwell had a great start to the season during Minnesota’s victory against Cleveland. He kicked two FGs and four extra points, finishing with 10 points overall.

Longwell is a very good kicker on a high-powered offense which should continue to score lots of points. Look for him to continue scoring big in Week 2 against the Lions, who gave up 45 points last week.

Point Projection: 11 points

2. Mason Crosby (Green Bay Packers) vs. Cincinnati

Despite missing a FG in the Packers game against the Bears, Mason Crosby still put up two FGs and one extra point. One of the FG was for 52 yards, which should make fantasy football owners excited about Crosby’s potential for 2009.

Green Bay’s offense looks to be a force this season, so Crosby should get lots of chances to prove he belongs in the upper tier of fantasy kickers. This is especially the case in Week 2, when he plays the Bengals in Green Bay. 

Point Projection: 11 points

3. John Carney (New Orleans) @ Philadelphia

John Carney only hit one field goal for 39 yards, but he converted six extra points against the Lions in Week 1. He looks to be one of the top kickers this year. Plus, he kicks in a dome for half the season. 

The Saints are the most explosive offense in the league, which means you can expect lots of scores and lots of production from Carney.

Philadelphia at home is no piece of cake, but the Saints' offense is just too good to pass on their kicker. 

Point Projection: 11 points

4. David Akers (Philadelphia) vs. New Orleans

Against the Panthers, David Akers made a 49-yard FG and might have made one for 51 yards if it hadn’t been blocked by Carolina’s defense. He did, however, kick five extra points, making him a solid fantasy football performer in Week 1.

The Eagles look like they are here to play. On such a powerful offense, Akers should have a great outing in Week 2, when they play the Saints in Philadelphia.

If McNabb doesn’t play, Akers may deserve to drop one or two notches in the rankings. 

Point Projection: 10 points

5. Neil Rackers (Arizona) @ Jacksonville

Despite a disappointing showing for the Cardinals offense, Rackers was spot-on in Week 1 against the San Francisco 49ers. He hit three FGs over 40 yards and an extra point, as well.

This is a nice start to the season for Rackers, but not the Cardinals' underperforming offense. There are too many weapons for that to continue.

Expect Arizona’s playmakers to step it up and for Rackers to once again put up big numbers against the Jaguars in Jacksonville. 

Point Projection: 10 points

6. Lawrence Tynes (New York Giants) @ Dallas

Lawrence Tynes put last season’s injury behind him with a great outing against the Redskins, including a 45-yard FG and two more to boot. Along with three FG, he put up two extra points, as well.

The Giants may not be as stacked at receiver as they used to be, but thanks to a solid O-line and a superb running game, they are still a top offense, which means Tynes should continue to benefit week in and week out.

That includes Week 2 in Dallas against the Cowboys and their 110,000 screaming fans.

Point Projection: 10 points

7. Matt Prater (Denver Broncos) vs. Cleveland

The Broncos offense was stale in Week 1. In fact, Matt Prater may have been the only decent part of it, nailing 48- and 50-yard FGs in Cincinnati. Prater’s value depends on how the Broncos offense shapes up.

If it’s anything like Week 1, he’s in for a long season. Denver plays the Browns this Sunday and, despite the bad performance last week, the matchup alone makes Prater a good fantasy football option. 

Point Projection: 10 points

8. Stephen Gostkowski (New England Patriots) @ New York Jets

The Patriots offense did not look like the offense of old, though there were Tom Brady-like drives when it felt like we were watching the 2007 team on the field.

Stephen Gostkowski, however, looked like the same stud as always, converting two of three FG in Week 1 and finishing with seven points.

The Patriots have historically defeated the Jets in the last several years and Gostkowski has played his part, nailing 7/7 FG and going 3/3 in extra points in two games last year.

Things have changed with Rex Ryan taking over the Jet’s defense and the Patriots getting a bit older, but they haven’t changed all that much. Expect a huge day from Gostkowski. 

Point Projection: 10 points

9. Nick Folk (Dallas Cowboys) vs. New York Giants

Folk put his power and accuracy on display in Week 1 against the Buccaneers with a 51-yard FG. He ended the game with two FG altogether and four extra points. He remains one of the league’s best kickers. 

The New York Giants defense is plain nasty, but the Dallas offense proved that it was back and should be very successful this year.

If Dallas can continue their momentum from last week, Folk could have a great day and with the Cowboys offense likely to stall at some point, you can count on Folk getting a long-yardage kicking opportunity. 

Point Projection: 9 points

10. Jason Elam (Atlanta Falcons) vs. Carolina

Week 1 was not the best week for Jason Elam. Against an unimpressive Miami team, he missed two FGs and an extra point.

Luckily for owners, he salvaged his stats somewhat by converting two FGs, one for 50 yards. Even though accuracy issues in a dome raise a red flag, Elam gets a pass for Week 1.

He should bounce back to true form against Carolina this Sunday, though you are going to want to monitor a nagging left hamstring injury. If he starts missing field goals on a consistent basis, it might be time to hit the panic button. 

Point Projection: 9 points

11. Ryan Succop (Kansas City Chiefs) vs. Oakland

Despite playing the Ravens in Week 1, Ryan Succop did not fare too badly. He managed to land a 53-yard FG and kick three extra points. That kind of long-range kicking makes him someone to watch over the first few weeks.

If Matt Cassel starts Week 2, Succop could have another solid outing against the Oakland Raiders.

The Raider defense looked pretty good on Monday night, but at home in Kansas City, expect the Chiefs offense to take a step forward, giving Succop more opportunities to score fantasy points. 

Point Projection: 9 points

12. John Kasay (Carolina Panthers) @ Green Bay

Owners looking for some decent scoring from John Kasay were not too happy in Week 1. Kasay only kicked one FG and one extra point against the Eagles' tough defense.

It’s hard to blame Kasay for his off day, considering his QB, Jake Delhomme, threw four interceptions and was benched. Delhomme is still the QB, but Carolina’s offense is centered around the running game, which is elite.

Look for a much better performance from Kasay, who is extremely accurate, against Atlanta. Still, monitor the QB situation in Carolina. 

Point Projection: 9 points