Should You Start LT In Week 2 of Your Fantasy Football Game?

Michael WhooleySenior Writer ISeptember 18, 2009

OAKLAND, CA - SEPTEMBER 14:  LaDainian Tomlinson #21 of the San Diego Chargers is tackled by Tyvon Branch #33 of the Oakland Raiders during their game on September 14, 2009 at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum in Oakland, California.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Week One came and went quicker than a two-pump chump, and with it, it left plenty of bad news, key injuries, and both disappointing and outstanding performances.

Out of the great mixture of news, I (Bruno Boys' Ziza) came across a few topics that I would like to hit upon. So, it is time to stumble upon Week Two’s edition of Ziza Sounding Off; an article that was prescribed to me by my anger management counselors, Bruno Boys' Cavigs and Whooley.

Each week I will be nailing the more important issues around the NFL and analyzing the impact that the news should have on the fantasy football world the only way I know how; Bruno Boys' Ziza style.

If you enjoy sarcasm coupled with informative information, Bruno Boys Nation, this is for you. If you don’t, oh well. I couldn't care less!

This is part of my therapy; blame them, not me. Now onto this week’s fantasy football impact news.

Matt Schaub and Carson Palmer had horrible weeks, while Joe Flacco looked like Joe Namath.

Ziza Sounding Off: And thus the questions began. “Ziza, should I drop Palmer and pick up Flacco?” or the oh so clever, “Kurt Warner looked bad, so I am worried about Larry Fitzgerald.” Or the “I am thinking about trading Fitzgerald for a quarterback to backup Matt Schaub.” Yes, those were actual questions.

Now don’t get me wrong, we love your questions. We honestly do; without you this all wouldn’t be possible. That is why we have donned you with the name, Bruno Boys Nation.

But year after year, it is like I have to talk until I am blue in the face and preach how you can’t overreact in either a positive or negative manner after the first week or two of the season.

I do understand that some of you are learning, and that is fine. It is when I get these same type of questions from people that I have associated with for multiple seasons already and they still react accordingly year after year that drives me crazy.

Now that I have that off my chest, I wanted to let you know that you guys are still my boys. And, for allowing me to trounce on you for a minute, I will aim you in the right direction once again.

Here is some ammunition for you guys that are still weary about what to do and how to react when a player does well or poorly to start the season. Bruno Boy Matt Kamke has an article that talks about how to be a successful fantasy owner. Look at rule No. 5, “Highly successful fantasy owners do not overreact.”

Ironically, I started both Palmer and Schaub in my start-2 QB league. Do you think I will be replacing them on my roster with higher-scoring Week One options like JaMarcus Russell or Brady Quinn, let alone Joe Flacco? Hell no. But one piece of advice, if Flacco were available I would find a way to stash him on my roster as a QB3, just in case.

News: LaDainian Tomlinson said that his ankle injury wasn’t bad enough to keep him on the sideline during the end of the game against the Oakland Raiders, but the ankle did tighten on him towards the end of the game, so he was pulled in favor of Darren Sproles.

Ziza Sounding Off: I am not going to lie; having been a huge fan of Tomlinson’s throughout his career, it was hard to watch him on the sidelines while the game was on the line against the Oakland Raiders. People are talking about the passing of the torch.

And I will tell you what; I did not agree with the other so-called fantasy football experts on the Web about Tomlinson’s low rankings in preseason ranks, and I don’t believe the torch is passed just yet.

Let me break it down for you. Sproles is too small of a back to be replacing Tomlinson as the every down back, and he won’t replace Tomlinson as the goal-line back, either.

That being said, it concerns me a lot that he seems to have aged quite a bit in the past two-plus years and now sits with an ankle injury to start the 2009 season.

Bad luck? Or, did the record-breaking touchdown season send him into a downward spiral?

I say it is just coincidence, so far. While he is not a great play in Week Two against the Baltimore Ravens with a bum ankle, he should still remain in your lineup when the ankle is healthy.

If the Chargers say that LT will be in the lineup, it is hard to not plug him in, unless you have two other good options. And, if you do and you play in a flex league that allows you to start RBs, you still must have Tomlinson in your lineup.

My advice to you is that if you are in a league that has an owner that really has soured on him and is willing to trade this fantastic back for much less than draft day value, you should consider it.

While any 30-year-old running back will hold risks, I feel there is enough left in his tank to have another excellent year. He has missed one game in his whole career; do you really think he is going to start missing them now?

News: Terrell Owens started his Buffalo Bills era by going for 46 yards on 2 receptions. Afterward, Owens was his old self and didn’t want to talk to reporters.

Ziza Sounding Off: Was it the botched kick return play in which the Bills coughed up the football that made Owens so irritated? Probably not. In fact, I am positive it wasn’t the reason why he once again was his mouthy self after the game, literally stopping short of asking the reporters to shove their recorders up their butts.

The fact that Trent Edwards passed for 212 yards and two touchdowns, going for a 114.1 passer rating and Owens only had two catches is what is pissing him off. I guarantee it.

I mean seriously, Edwards had 15 completions, Owens grabbed two. He played with the likes of Jeff Garcia, Donovan McNabb, and Tony Romo at their high point and yet found reason to bitch each time.

Owens started the season as a WR2 and his stock is slipping the more he ages and becomes ornery. Wait for a big game from him or nail a T.O. fan right now and talk trade.

If you can get yourself a Colston for him, you have done well. T.O. to me stands for piece of Terrible Odor. Yes, that is censored. Use your imagination. At least he always has his show on VH1 to fall back on.

Ziza’s Sounding Off Wrap Up: While the above irritated me, there is other news that I feel is very important to your fantasy success; a learning lesson, if you will. I have preached for years to not be one of the first people to draft a defense unless the value is too good at that draft position.

But, every year it happens.

The Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots, and Chicago Bears are three defenses that were rated highly before the season and for sure there were fantasy ballers out there that grabbed them while there was still good talent on the board.

So what has happened in the few short weeks since draft day occurred?

The Steelers' star Troy Polamalu is out for a little while, the Bears' star Brian Urlacher is going to miss the remainder of the season, and the Patriots traded or ridded themselves of a lot of their defensive talent and now have to deal with Jerod Mayo missing at least six to eight weeks. I hate to say I told you so, but the proof is in the pudding; EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

A few contractual things occurred this week. The Philadelphia Eagles declined to pick up the 2011 option for Brian Westbrook and the San Francisco 49ers' president has agreed to meet with their top draft pick, Michael Crabtree.

While it isn’t surprising that the Eagles don’t want to extend Westbrook at his current price, that doesn’t mean he won’t be with the team in 2011. He can be had at a reduced price.

Crabtree is also about to experience a reduced price, as the 49ers are strong-arming him by deducting $200,000 of his signing bonus for every week that he doesn’t play. It is just a matter of time until the offer as a whole starts to drop, as well.

There were a ton of injuries and surprising plays, both positive and negative, that will have an impact on the fantasy world. The Bruno Boys have many articles already out for Week Two that you can read to get a heads up on your competition—that is if you haven’t done so already.

And don’t forget to sign up for an account on the Bruno Boys forum as the news around the NFL changes daily. It is a great place to discuss what is going on in the NFL and fantasy world.

Until next week, keep the obviously answered questions short and the tougher questions long. Go grab that win, Bruno Boys Nation. We believe in you.




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