"USO NFL Coaches Tour Visit Troops in Iraq"

Michael Zambito@@zmapmanContributor ISeptember 18, 2009

I recently signed up for Bleacher Report and I am now writing my first article.  I am currently deployed to Iraq and back at the beginning of July the USO sponsored a tour of some current and former NFL Coaches.  They were, John Gruden, Tom Coughlin, Jeff Fisher, Bill Cowher and John Harbaugh.

The coaches showed up for a meet and greet night at the Al Faw Palace.  You could tell the football fans since they knew who all the coaches were.  Some people where like, so who is this guy?  I finally got my chance to chat with Coach Harbaugh.  He was excited to see a Ravens fan in Iraq.

I asked him how first round draft pick Michael Oher looked.  He told me he will be the starter at tackle and you could see he was high on this guy.  Coach also told me I wouldn't be disappointed this season.  Well after one game I would say not.

The next day was the autograph session.  I got my picture with Coach Harbaugh and all the coaches were thanking all the troops.  Personally I was thinking why are they thanking us we should be thanking them for coming here.  Like one of the Army values, these coaches all demonstrated Selfless Service.  So far that has moment has been the highlight of the tour.

Coaches thanks for stopping by!