With No Baseball Drama Football Rules September

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With No Baseball Drama Football Rules September
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As September 17th becomes September 18th, I realize that I can no longer watch baseball with any true interest in the results.

Look, I love baseball. I love the speed, the colors, and the smell of peanuts against grass and spilled beer.

If you live or root for San Francisco or Colorado, maybe you still have that joy that comes with the unknown. And maybe folks in Arlington and Minneapolis still feel the hope that maybe their team can go on a 10 game winning streak.

For me, I seem to just be biding my time. Waiting, for the next football game.

I know that October will bring new passion for the game that I love so much. For now, I'll just hunker down, and crawl my way through the next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday that come my way.

Paul Swaney is the co-founder of www.stadiumjourney.com

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