The Four Horseman: Becoming Great

Josh KleinCorrespondent ISeptember 17, 2009

If you watched the first two games of the season you might have found yourself asking the question, "Where the heck is our defensive line?"

A valid question, especially in since the much heralded defensive line of the Cornhuskers failed to record one sack in the first game.  But is there really an issue here? I don't think so.

The expectations for this defensive line were immense coming into the season.  Ndamukong Suh was and is considered the best Defensive Tackle in the land and the return of Barry Turner and Pierre Allen were supposed to anchor one of the most dominant D-Lines in the Big 12.

Then there was all the talk about Jared Crick coming out of fall camp.  Some fans may have been thinking to themselves, "My my, it looks like we have the Peters brothers, Tomich and Grant Wistrom back."  It is those expectations and those thoughts that cause the defensive line's progression thus far look so minimal. 

They are not, nor will they ever be like that defensive line, arguably one of the best in the history of the game.  This defensive line though does have a chance to be something special, we saw the beginnings of it in the Arkansas State game and now eagerly await the true test of Virginia Tech.

A group like this can grow together and meld and became really good, but not great.  Barry Turner is a bit slower than we remember, Suh is being double teamed and Crick is only in his third start so to expect excellence right away is damning for these players.  Instead I urge everyone to wait through the year and see if they gel.

Remember where they were at last year at this time?  We had no idea that Suh would become dominant until the second game of the season when he returned that Interception for a touchdown.  This team will get its breaks, and this defensive line will gel together and become good... but not great. They aren't at that level yet.