Phillies Head to Mound with Drowning Pool: This Is for the Soldiers

Casey HCorrespondent IMay 27, 2008

When Phillies pitchers Brett Myers and Brad Lidge head to the mound, a metal song starts playing that pumps up the players and the crowd.

The song is called "Soldiers" by the band Drowning Pool, who happen to be big fans of baseball. It's important for the music to cause fear in the opposing team, but this particular song has a much deeper meaning.

Take a look at some of the lyrics:

Every time I see inside you I see myself within you, ohh let that fade away

Your pride inside of me, your honor inside me, respect inside of inside of me, go

(whoah, yeaheah) This is for the soldiers

(whoah, yeaheah)This is for the soldiers

(whoah, yeaheah) This is for the soldiers

our soldiers, let’s go

Drowning Pool is on a mission to help raise money for troops who return from the Middle East in order to provide mental screenings so the soldiers who need help can get it. One-third of the men and women who have returned have been reported to have a mental illness. It's important to the band that these soldiers are getting the proper care that they deserve when they return from war.

It's the little things that some players are doing that make a huge difference. It can be as simple as playing a song to the trip to the mound.

You can show your support by purchasing the song on itunes or other music providers for only 99 cents. Or if you're feeling really generous you can buy Drowning Pool's new album "Full Circle" which features the song.