Formula 1 Is Losing Popularity Among Fans Worldwide.

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Formula 1 Is Losing Popularity Among Fans Worldwide.
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Formula 1 has grown from a small garage racing series to a gigantic money machine and on the way popularity grew to be the most watched sports show ever.

But the fairytale has ended and we could blame it on the financial crises or the high ticket prices or both, but for many the popularity is going down because of the political turmoil, the constant interfering by the FIA.

What is the FIA ? Well the FIA has done a lot for the sport by making it much much safer and for that we should thank them. Of course there is the famous president Max Mosley that has worked hard to get F1 where it is today. But somewhere the chain got loose and the sport is going backwards.

F1 is Bernie Ecclestones. Bernie is the commercial rights holder and was the one who lifted the sport from small garages to the super sport  F1 has become to day, but as a business man he is the one who got Max Mosley to the position he is in today. President of the FIA. By putting Max in that seat, Bernie was able to make a deal to be the commercial rights holder for 100 years at the price of nothing, making it very lucrative.

You might think where is this going, but the 2 persons named here is the cause of the sport getting unpopular by many fans. In the last years there has been cases and cases of espionage, lying, strange decisions from marshals at races and now a race fixing case.

When these things is discussed the Commercial rights holder is there ? For me that is a bit strange. It's almost like Virgin,a sponsor of the Brawn GP team, sitting by at the pit wall, and making decisions. What is it exactly Bernie is doing there, well of cause to make sure the money keeps flowing, but he should not be included in decisions regarding race fixing scandals or have any say in these matters.

The point is that the sport is sick and mainly because the men in control is holding there cards so tight and actually has another agenda then trying to make the sport better.

Max Mosley is throwing immunity left and right. He gave Alonso, Hamilton, de la rossa immunity in the spy case, but if people actually did a crime why should they not obey the laws ? The latest that got it is Piquet in the Race fixing scandal, but was he not doing something illegal, yes and very much so. But he can walk.

In both cases The FIA has gotten or will get what they want. McLaren lost Ron Dennis and Renault lost Flavio. What is next, Max Mosley hates the very outspoken Luca Cordero di Montezemolo (Ferrari) So I can only guess that something will hit the Ferrari team before Max has to leave office.

The FIA needs to be cleaned up, FOM (Bernie) needs to listen to the fans or they could just start listening to FOTA

Lets see how much damage FOM and the FIA can do before Max has to go, and who will take over the FIA and will there be any change or will Bernie still be running it by buying people.

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