NFL Fans: Welcome Michael Crabtree. The Next Great ...Diva!

David PachecoCorrespondent ISeptember 17, 2009

SANTA CLARA, CA - MAY 01:  Michael Crabtree #15 of the San Francisco 49ers looks on during practice as quaterback Alex Smith #11 practices during the 49ers Minicamp at their training facilities on May 1, 2009 in Santa Clara, California. Crabtree was the 49ers first round draft pick.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)

April 25th, 2009. 

The most analyzed, discussed, commented on, anticipated events the sports media and community has to look forward to every year. 

The NFL draft.

As the draft begins all the picks that take place are predictable.  No major surprises. 

Then, pick #7 Oakland Raiders.  DHB. 

One of the most blogged, commented on, picked apart, torn to shreds, picks in the NFL draft. Shocking!  Well, not really, consider the owner. (and yes, I am an Oakland fan, but that is a different article) As soon as the pick is made, we see the media machines kick into overdrive! 

Well, this article is not about that pick, or why.   

We are going to discuss the next Diva in the NFL. 

Michael Crabtree.

For those of you that live in Texas, or are fans of any Texas team, I am going to apologize up front.  I once heard a friend of mine say,

"You can always tell a Texan, you just cant tell them much."

Well, for those of you that are ready to lash out,  fair enough, in the words of one of the greatest boxing ref's of all time.  Lets get it on!

I say that because MC (Michael Crabtree) is proving my point.  From the very beginning of this, when DHB was selected, the cameras went to MC to see his reaction.   ALL of the media guru's had MC going to Oakland.  When it didn't go the way it was supposed to and he kept falling in the draft, his demeanor and body language changed.  Ok sure, I understand, a little, but show some pride and professionalism, you are about to be given the opportunity that every playground player dreams of. 

Even though he went #10.  I will say that again, 10!  In the NFL draft.  He was pouting. 


The next step in this, the 49er fans.  All of you should have plenty of knowledge and understanding of what it is like to have a diva on the roster, T.O.

Remember?  The guy who did his best to ruin "Jerry Rice Day" on the last day, in the last game of the best receiver in the history of this sport.  Yes, we all do. 

Crabtree was offered a $20 million dollar contract, with 16 of it guaranteed over the next five years.  I am sure if I checked, that is quite a bit more than he is making at the current time, or has made in the past. 

Still, it is not enough, and he believes he deserves more. DIVA! 

What is he trying to prove?   We could go into multiple arguments about why he went 10th, and should of gone before, and why he is holding out, but the fact of the matter is, he is not really proving anything, other than the fact that he can be a spoiled brat. 

If he does hold out this year, which I don't believe he will, the Niners still own his arbitrary rights.  Which means, he belongs to them.  There will have to be trades, money or draft picks involved with this kid, should another team draft him next year, which has not played a down in the NFL.  

I cant really see anyone taking the chance on this extremely high risk.  But, trust me I know I could be proven wrong. 

The Niners want to meet with him this weekend face to face, and if Crabtree is smart, he will take the offer, it is as good as it is going to get, but as I have said before, he is already been given the Diva status, that is going to be hard for him to disprove to the sports community, media, and most of all HIS TEAMMATES! 

So, as I have said before, NFL welcome the next great Diva. 

Michael Crabtree.