The CM Punk Versus Undertaker Fued

Adam HardyContributor ISeptember 16, 2009

370782 02: World Wrestling Federation's Wrestler Undertaker Poses June 12, 2000 In Los Angeles, Ca.  (Photo By Getty Images)

Hello everyone, this is my second article.

CM Punk versus Undertaker

The Straight Edge Superstar versus The Deadman

These 2 Superstars had a short mathch at Breaking Point.

At the end CM Punk tapped out of the Traingle hold so we thought this match was over and Undertaker became World Champion.

Right when Undertaker was celebrating, the General Manager of Smackdown came and said that Vickie banned that move and this match was going on.

Right when that happened CM Punk took Advantage and went for his Submission move winning the match with The Undertaker tapping out.

So CM Punk won the match.

We all know Undertaker will have his rematch at the next PPV.

I think CM Punk will find another way to win the match by taking advantage.

How will this fued end?

a) The Fued will slow down and at the end CM Punk will keep the World Heavyweight Champion by cheating.

b) At The end Undertaker will win The Championship and CM Punk will probaly have a fued with one of these Superstars, Morrison, Mysterio, Matt Hardy, and Edge (if he becomes face)

I think CM Punk will keep it at the end.

Some People think Matt Hardy or John Morrison should take his place.

Matt Hardy is a great Superstar and is actually my favorite. I would love to see him take CM Punk's place. He is a talented athlete but I dont think he has very good mic skills.

As for John Morrison, I think he is the second or first talented athlete right now but you can argue with Chris Jericho. As for right now he is the IC Champion and we will see what hsi future is. I think he is the next Shawn Micheals.

I like CM Punk as heel and I think it is a smart move for CM Punk keep his World Title against the Legand Undertaker.

CM Punk is a good athlete and is a strong superstar (not as strong as John Cena but not as weak as Chris Jericho)

Undertaker is probaly the best wresler all-time in the WWE. The CM Punk and Undertaker fued is a exciting one to watch.

After this fued, I think Undertaker will have a fued with Chris Jericho. That will be very exciting to watch.

As for CM Punk, I think he will have fued with Batista or Edge (if he turns face) for the World Heavyweight Champion.

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