Hamilton Still Struggles At Quarterback

Steve ThompsonAnalyst IIISeptember 16, 2009

It is obvious from the last two weeks, that the Hamilton Tiger Cats are still struggling at quarterback. 

In a year where at least half of the teams have a mediocre leader, Hamilton belongs in the bottom group, along with BC, Toronto, and Winnipeg.

If I'm Marcel Bellefeuille, I am starting Quinton Porter next week.  The only way that Hamilton will get better is either to develop Porter or bring in a new quarterback and develop him.

Kevin Glenn is a good backup, but he's not the future. The last two weeks showed why Winnipeg released him, and why he has never won the Grey Cup.

Glenn blows hot and cold.  During both games against Toronto, sometimes he looked like he belonged with the top four CFL quarterbacks, making plays, finishing drives etc.

But for the rest of the time, the tap was turned off and he was stone cold, with lots of consecutive 2-and-outs.

Forget the 34-15 score. If Hamilton had put the Argonauts away, the score should have been in the 50s. 

The Hamilton receiving corps has been vastly upgraded to being one of the top four in the league, and DeAndra' Cobb has made everyone forget all the other running backs.  The offensive line has improved, too.

But Hamilton still struggles to put points on the board.  When Glenn is in his good mode, this team looks like one of the best in the league.  But then he'll fall into a funk, drives will stall, the team won't take full advantage of turnovers, and there are lots of 2-and-outs.

The only way Hamilton will get better is to develop Porter into a consistently winning quarterback.  Let him either learn from his mistakes, or if he can't be developed, bring in a new arm.

Bob O'Billovich has done a great job raising the talent level on this team so it can now compete with any team in the CFL.  There is no longer despair in Hamilton.

But the key position is always the quarterback, and O'Billovich may have to make one more change in order to make Hamilton secure for the future.