Week 2 NFL Predictions-Mike Singletary Scares The Seahawks

James StarkCorrespondent ISeptember 16, 2009

GLENDALE, AZ - SEPTEMBER 13:  Head coach  Mike Singletary of the San Francisco 49ers calls to players during the NFL game against the Arizona Cardinals at the Universtity of Phoenix Stadium on September 13, 2009 in Glendale, Arizona.  The 49ers defeated the Cardinals 20-16.  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Now that week 1 has gone by this NFL season, we have an idea of what teams are contenders or pretenders. Fortunately, my week 1 predictions went better than what I thought. Finishing with a record of (9-6). 

In week 1 of every NFL season, you have to make insane picks because there are always insane results. I knew I was going to regret picking the Browns over the Vikings, but I did have 49ers beating the defending NFC champion Arizona Cardinals.

The final game between the Raiders and Chargers was a great one, even though I unregretably picked the Raiders in that one. The closeness of that game came to no surprise to me at all.

But now we're moving on to week 2. There are some intriguing matchups as always in week 2. So here we go.

Texans @ Titans

Both teams are coming off of week 1 losses. Titans played tough, while the Texans disappointed many losing to the Jets. 

For the Titans to win this game they must run the ball effectively. Against the Steelers, Chris Johnson only rushed for 57 yards. They're not going to win games through the air, so give it to the fast guy.

In the Texans case they could use a big win after their disappointing loss to the Jets. They have Andre Johnson that will make any cornerback wet their britches, and a decent running game with Steve Slaton.

This is hard for me to choose. Advantage home team.

Titans 21     Texans 17

Fantasy Impact-Chris Johnson

Saints @ Eagles

Oh boy, can you feel a shootout? But wait, with McNabb's status uncertain I wouldn't quite rush to any conclusions. 

We know the Saints can score a million points a game, but the Eagles aren't the Detroit Lions either.

The Eagles can't win this one without McNabb. 

Saints 28     Eagles 20

Fantasy Impact-Drew Brees

Cardinals @ Jaguars

Another interesting matchup here in week 2. The defending NFC champs leaving week 1 without a victory against the 49ers. While the Jaguars lost a close battle to the Colts 14-12.

The Jags managed to give up 300 yards in the air to the Colts last week. However, they only gave up 14 points. The Cardinals pass threat is just as difficult, but they're not quite the defensive threat.

One of these tough teams will start the season (0-2).

Jaguars 20     Cardinals 14

Fantasy Impact-Maurice Jones-Drew

Raiders @ Chiefs

Here are two mediocre teams that put up tough fights against perennial opponents. Neither came to surprise to me though. The Chiefs have improved on both sides of the ball, while the Raiders are gaining experience.

I had the Raiders beating the Chargers last week, they almost did. So what makes you think I won't have them beating the Chiefs?

Raiders 24     Chiefs 14

Fantasy Impact-Darren McFadden

Bengals @ Packers

The Bengals' week 1 loss to the Broncos was a dagger, and I'm sure they're more than ready to beat the Packers this week. The Packers, however, were on the opposite side of the spectrum coming up with last minute heroics from Aaron Rodgers.

It appears that Ochocinco and Palmer are back on track despite their loss. So the Packers have much more on their hands in terms of receivers in week 2. But the Packers have a lot less to worry about when their up against the Bengals' defense.

No test for Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

Packers 34     Bengals 13

Fantasy Impact-Aaron Rodgers

Vikings @ Lions

Week 1 for the Vikings was no match against the Browns. What makes things different? Nothing. Lions are even worse, and it's going to take time for the Lions offense to develop with their new quarterback.

Drew Brees tore apart the Lions secondary, Childress is going to do the same with Favre. It's the best time for Favre to feel comfortable with the offense, and his teammates comfortable with him.

Brett Favre shines and Adrian Peterson does his part as well.

Vikings 34     Lions 7

Fantasy Impact-Brett Favre

Rams @ Redskins

The Rams suck. They can't get production anywhere on the field. What happened?

The Redskins put up a good fight against the Giants at the Meadowlands, so I still don't know if they're contenders or pretenders.

But it's still easy.

Redskins 21      Rams 10

Fantasy Impact-Clinton Portis

Patriots @ Jets

Interesting, very interesting. Jets surprised many by their play against the Texans. New England squeaked by with a 25-24 victory over the revamped Bills offense.

Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez may not be all that bad, but you can't determine anything after one week.

I'm very tempted to pick the Jets in this one. I look at it this way. Brady or Sanchez?

Patriots 21     Jets 20

Fantasy Impact-Randy Moss

Panthers @ Falcons

Jake Dehlomme is terrible, he has fallen apart completely. The Panthers should never throw the ball. Keep it on the ground like they did last season. DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart are the Panthers offense, and maybe heave it to Steve Smith every once in a great while.

In the Falcons case, they are a balanced team that can win games in an assortment of ways. I think the Panthers will bounce back in week 2. 

Run the ball.

Panthers 20     Falcons 14

Fantasy Impact-Jonathan Stewart/DeAngelo Williams

Buccaneers @ Bills

The Buccaneers fell asleep in week 1, while the Bills kept pace with the Patriots until the end.

Tony Romo tore up the Bucs defense, Trent Edwards will do the same. He's no Tony Romo, but he sure has the weapons. T.O. shows he still has it.

Bills 24     Buccaneers 14

Fantasy Impact-Terrell Owens

Seahawks @ 49ers

Both teams looked quite impressive last week. But let's face it, the Seahawks played the Rams. The 49ers beat the defending NFC champs. 

I really like Mike Singletary as a coach, as he's brought a new mentality to '9er football. He does scare me, but nonetheless he's a great coach. The defense is no joke, but the offense has it's ups and downs. However, it's going to be a good start for San Fran. 

49ers 17     Seahawks 10

Fantasy Impact-Frank Gore

Ravens @ Chargers

The Ravens offense actually looked quite impressive last week. Flacco threw for 307 yards while Ray Rice ran for 108 yards on the ground, in week 1 against the Chiefs. However, they allowed 24 points. Is it a new era for the Ravens?

The Chargers case is a little different. They barely got by with a victory over the Raiders. The offense was rather dull, and couldn't move the ball well. As well as letting Bush and McFadden run the ball effectively.

I see a big game out of Ray Rice in this week 2 offense.

Ravens 24     Chargers 14

Fantasy Impact-Ray Rice

Game of The Week

Steelers @ Bears

Do the Bears just have a quarterback curse? What is it with Chicago? The Cubs can't win a world series and the Bears can't find a decent quarterback.

But c'mon, let's be serious. It's one week of football, and Jay Cutler is still a good quarterback. He's ready to get back on the field, no doubt about that.

The Steelers are as good they come, of course. They have great components on both sides of the ball. However, the Bears defense was almost perfect until the end of last week's game against the Packers. If the Bears can put enough pressure to get Big Ben out of sync, this game could get interesting. 

Bears get another game of the week matchup. This time I have them winning. Cutler bounces back.

Bears 21     Steelers 17

Fantasy Impact-Jay Cutler

Browns @ Broncos

The Browns were basically run over last week, while the Broncos got completely luckily. I'll be honest with you, I think I'd rather watch paint dry rather than watching this game. 

The Browns score a touchdown every couple football months (literally) and the Broncos are full of problems.

If the Broncos keep Brandon Marshall to catching footballs and not punting, they may be okay. 

The Browns try kneeling the ball to end the game victorious, but a large gust of wind blows the snap straight under Quinn's legs, the Broncos recover and win the game.

Broncos get lucky again.

Broncos 14     Browns 13

Fantasy Impact-Knowshon Moreno

Giants @ Cowboys

Intriguing matchup. Intriguing indeed.

Here we are again, one of the biggest rivals clash again on Sunday Night football. 

As much as I ponder on this game, the more and more I lean toward the Cowboys. Tony Romo looked good last week, as did the rest of team. I don't expect Romo to throw for 353 yards, but can he keep his composure?

We all know the Giants aren't the most flashiest team, but they play solid fundamental football week after week. As the Cowboys are opposite in my opinion. They have the big names, with all the talent, blah blah blah. The 'latest' Cowboy team haven't made an impact in the playoffs, while the Giants have.

Yet another a difficult pick nonetheless. It's week 1 in the Cowboys' new stadium. It will be louder and brighter via. giant scoreboard. 

Going with the team I bashed, of course.

Cowboys 21     Giants 14

Impact Player-Tony Romo

Colts @ Dolphins

Another game here I'll be hitting myself in the head here, but the NFL is a tricky game.

If Dolphins can force the Colts to run the ball, it shouldn't be that hard.

Dolphins 17     Colts 13

Impact Player-Ronnie Brown

That's it for me. See you next week!


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