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It's an all to familiar memory for us in Raiderland, the image of Goose landing on Rich Gannon ending our Superbowl dreams. His large flabby body jiggling as he turned Gannon into a little Raider pancake. What's my purpose you ask? You owe us one and I'm here to collect.

Myself and the rest of Raider Nation are willing to forgive and forget in exchange for a little favor this weekend, one I'm sure you'll be happy to oblige. The task is simple...destroy the San Diego Chargers.

In the days following Monday we've had to listen to their dross and gloating; insufferable bullshit about the greatness of Phillip Rivers and the Chargers. Were not just asking for a victory, we want to see an all out slaughter. Make Daren Sproles question putting on his tiny cleats, stuff him like a Cornish hen. As for Mr. Rivers, about 25 sacks would do the trick.  after all we  did take out a couple of their O line for you. Punish him, embarrass him...after the game he should be calling Ryan Leaf for advice.

A point of advice...Merriman is weak, run right at him...either the lack of juice or bum leg he's not the same. Also you may have seen their secondary is vulneralbe across the middle and can easily beat deep.

I can't promise we'll ever be friends, but this would be a good start. Also, thanks for the KC game.

We'll get a second shot at them soon enough, but in the meantime a simple request.

See you in the playoffs....

-Barnavicious X

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