Fans Gone Wild

ExtremeRavens .comCorrespondent ISeptember 16, 2009

In case you’ve missed it, Bills return man Leodis McKelvin was the victim of a vandal’s attack last night. McKelvin’s lawn was vandalized last night, with the 25-24 final score to the Bills loss to the Patriots painted onto his front lawn with obscenities. Police have not released more information. Read more about the incident here.

McKelvin fumbled a kickoff return in the final minutes of the Bills-Pats game on Monday night. With the Bills leading the game and less than three minutes left in the game, McKelvin opted not to take the kick as a touchback. After a solid 30-yard return, McKelvin had the ball knocked out of his arms as he was tackled. The Patriots recovered and later scored to win the game.

Regardless of how you feel McKelvin or any other professional athlete, these types of crimes are pathetic and should not be condoned. Hopefully, no one is getting any bright ideas when they read this story.

It’s not our job to punish players - they have bosses in the forms of coaches and owners to do that. Football is a game, no matter how strongly we may feel about it as fans, and we need to remember that. Boo, hiss, write mean things on message boards - but leave players alone off the field.