Cullen Christian Visits Columbus

The WolverineCorrespondent ISeptember 16, 2009

Not on an official visit, but as a "guest" of the Buckeyes last weekend. Boy, what an honor that must be...I hear they let you use the regular facilities so you don't have to go in coolers.

Anyway, ESPN notes the Wolverines' lead, and suggests Cullen may be playing against the Buckeyes in a few years. "I'm pretty much open to anyone, but I wasn't really giving Ohio State a hard look because they haven't given me an offer," Christian said.

"Those are the three I'm mainly looking at," added Christian, speaking of Michigan, UCLA, and West Virginia. "Michigan is my favorite. I grew up a Michigan fan. They show the most interest."

It's good Cullen has an idea of what the Horseshoe is like, so he'll be able to mentally prepare to play as a freshman if called upon by the coaching staff. Overall, this is good news for the Wolverines.

After a trip to Columbus, we still lead.