Win or Lose: Nate Diaz Belongs in the UFC

The MMA Daily ScrapCorrespondent ISeptember 16, 2009

Tonight on Spike TV, Nate Diaz will battle Melvin Guillard, in what many are calling an “elimination match.”

Diaz is coming off two losses in a row, to Clay Guida and Joe Stevenson.

So what? MMA isn’t baseball.

Diaz is still in his mid-20s. He needs time to develop, sure, but he’s an exciting fighter with a big ground game and an even bigger personality.

He’s headlining the fight night card, for the love of God, so people obviously like watching the kid, right?

I think he’ll submit Guillard late in the second round, but even if he loses a decision, or gets knocked out (no lightweight can submit Diaz who is not named BJ Penn), let’s keep him around. We already suffered the tragedy of losing one Diaz brother. Okay, “tragedy” is a strong word, but hey, I’d sure like to see elder Diaz thrown into the welterweight mix.

Let’s just admit it. We MMA fans can be pretty fickle.

I seem to remember many people calling Anderson Silva “overrated” before his UFC 101 match with Forrest Griffin. After just 3 minutes in the cage, those same people declared him the “undisputed” pound for pound champion.

We all deserve second, and third, and fourth chances in life. Just ask Scott Baio, or your girlfriend.

Good luck Nate….but not good night.