BlogPollin': Week 2

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BlogPollin': Week 2
(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
1 florida 2-0 -
2 Texas 2-0 -
3 USC 2-0 -
4 Alabama 2-0 -
5 California 2-0 3
6 Penn State 2-0 1
7 LSU 2-0 -1
8 Ohio State 1-1 2
9 Oklahoma 1-1 2
10 Ole Miss 1-0 3
11 Georgia Tech 2-0 2
12 Miami 1-0 2
13 Oklahoma State 1-1 8
14 Virginia Tech 1-1 1
15 brigham_young 2-0 1
16 Georgia 1-1 3
17 missouri 2-0 5
18 cincinnati 2-0 7
19 Nebraska 2-0 2
20 michigan 2-0 6
21 Kansas 2-0 1
22 Notre Dame 2-0 10
23 boise_state 2-0 -
24 TCU 1-0 -
25 North Carolina 2-0 8

Shameless homer: I know Ohio State’s ranking looks bad and it looks even worse when you consider that I moved them up after a loss.  But, vigilant readers know rankings are not always subject to a draconian win-loss analysis.  So, when a team hangs blow for blow with the best program in the country, it stands to reason that they should be viewed as a very good team.

Up top: That static top four is deceiving.  USC was a tempting choice to be placed at No. 2 but I tend to think Texas’ early struggles against Wyoming were nothing to be worried about.  Has Florida played a game yet?  Let’s just assume they are 2-0.

Mid-major explanation: “You hate the non-BCS conferences!  You need to give them more respect!”  I hear that all the time.  So, let me respond.  “Yes and no.”

BYU clocks in at No. 15 based on a once-in-a-lifetime victory against a team that was shell shocked after losing the Heisman Trophy winner.  And, before you say it I know they were playing OU tough in the first half while they had Bradford.  But the Sooners were starting to find a groove as the half ended averaging more than 10 yards/play over their final 9 plays.  I have no doubt that Stoops’ staff would have made adjustments at the half that would have resulted in a comfortable OU win.  Instead, the entire offense was stunned into awfulness.  It happens to college kids. At this moment, I truly believe that if a Landry-led Oklahoma team played BYU this weekend they will would win comfortably.  If BYU can take out Florida State this weekend (and they are 7.5-point favorite) I will take it all back.

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