Ole Miss Clock In The Locker Room...Good Or Bad Idea?

Brett HollowayContributor ISeptember 16, 2009

Many Ole Miss fans called the idea ’sad’, ‘Bush League’, and ‘obsessive.’ Also he went on to say, why are we focused on Ole Miss, because he doubts Ole Miss thought about us for 2 seconds after a 45-0 Egg Bowl victory.

A couple of reasons that I feel that putting the clock up is the opposite of everything he called it is this: (1) Everyone on the team from last year, sorely remembers a 45-0, embarassing, dismantling, butt-whooping, that capped off a TERRIBLE year. So because of this, it is great reminder and motivator to never lose like this again, not only to Ole Miss, but others as well. (2) I’ve never really felt that MSU coaches of the past, with the exception of Jackie, ever really hyped up the Egg Bowl as much as the fans did. Now, I will say that both State and Ole Miss have the fans that are ‘obsessed’ with ONLY beating the other team, and could care less about the other 11 teams on their schedule-which is ridiculous. But, I think that its great for a coach to stress the importance of a game that loses a little bit of its history and heritage, everytime we refuse to place importance on it. Plus it was CLEAR that our ex-coach could’ve cared less about last year’s game, as did the team. (3) And finally, how can State not have Ole Miss on our minds? And of course Nutt and the Rebs didn’t even think about us after it was over with. You never waste time wondering or thinking about a team you just ‘destroyed’ and that did nothing to slow your successful season down. So going into this year, that rematch and some kind of revenege has to be on our minds, as it would be with Ole Miss-if we’d stomped them last year-as they did us.

If anything, its motivation for the entire year, and I can promise him that we will be ‘competitive’ in more than 3 or 4 games this year- as he stated.

So what do yall think, is the clock a good or bad idea? Agree or disagree with me.