A Question For MSU Fans?

Brett HollowayContributor ISeptember 16, 2009

Well, as fans of MSU Football, we sadly face a routine question every year, a question that I feel that could be extinguished by the arrival of Dan Mullen in Starkville. So, with the 2009 season just 10 days away, I will ask you-just as I ask myself every year, that same question.

Question? Is this upcoming season one to get excited about, or am I just once again-getting my hopes up?

My Answer: For the first time in 6 years, I feel confident about the product that MSU is going to field on Sep. 5, 2009. The product that I’m confident in, is not one that I expect to make a major bowl, or win the Western Division, but rather an MSU team that will win the hearts and pride of a hungry and loyal fanbase. I expect to see a team that will  identify themselves by effort and determination, and leave no doubts in our minds that they left it all on the field-Saturday in, and Saturday out. I think we will see a change in this team’s attitude, an attitude that expects to win and to be competitve in every game. I am finallyconfident that we have a coach, who’s going to get the most out of his players, who’s got the right players in the right spots, and who’s involved and concerned about every aspect of the game. Finally, I hope to see a fanbase as excited and optimistic as I am, that fills Davis Wade Stadium for every home game, and has a respectable showing on the road-and that is able to appreciate the change that Mullen is bringing to our program.

So, how have you answered this question to yourself, and why do you feel that way?

Sidenote: Ole Miss and Memphis fans will be able to enjoy beer at the Liberty Bowl-when the two knock heads on the 6th. Do you agree with beer being sold at College games…I actually don’t-due to how crazy college atmospheres already are…things could get violent. The Tigers are doing this, because it costs them $260,000 to open the gates every Saturday. Pretty sad. Off campus stadiums suck the life out of gameday.