West Virginia Football 2009: Week Two Awards

Tim McGheeCorrespondent IIISeptember 15, 2009

MORGANTOWN, WV - DECEMBER 2:  Franchot Allen #20 of the Virginia Mountaineers celebrates with teammate Selvish Capers #84 after their 41-39 victory over the Rutgers Scarlet Knights at Milan Puskar Stadium December 2, 2006 in Morgantown, West Virginia.  (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

And the winners of the Week Two awards for the West Virginia 2009 football season are:


We Have the Technology Award: Tavon "Six million dollar man" Austin

We have the technology.  We can rebuild him into a downfield, vertical receiver.  In fact, why wait for his resume to fill up.  Keep him in the rotation now.  We can make him stronger, faster, with bionic eyesight to better see the Jarrett Brown rockets.  Wait, he's already strong and fast, and he saw that TD pass as three ECU d-backs had their arms flailing...


John Henry Award: Noel "4.2 forty" Devine 

We know Devine can shake and bake with the best.  And we know he has an instantaneous fifth gear.  What we did not know about ol' 4.2 is he hits a pile, and, like the steel drivin' man, he and his 5'7" frame moves it, as it did for that touchdown run.  He does it so well that, and this is the delicious irony, NFL scouts say all he needs to work on is his speed.  Read: Noel will be drafted.


NASCAR Award: The Kickoff Coverage "Yellow Flag" Team 

No more just left turns with this squad.  West Virginia's kickoff coverage played straight up, putting caution in East Carolina's eyes.  As the fans in the stands were expecting to see the checkered flag in their team's end zone at any time, the Mountaineers held the Pirates' return men inside their 40-yard line.  Our boys are getting there.  That's tacklin'.


Covert Ops Award: The Offensive "Toradors No MoreWell, Almost" Line 

Posing as bull fighters against Liberty, the West Virginia big men seemingly had their red capes draped over their shoulders, at least during the running plays.  In the East Carolina game, the line almost blew its cover by getting a great block here and there.  I predict a tell-all book on the order of Valerie Plame as the matadors are exposed to who they really are, an offensive line.


The Nervous Doug Flutie Award: The Fourth Quarter "I Got Your Fear Right Here" Defense 

Late in the 1984 game against Boston College at Mountaineer Field with WVU up only one, Don Nehlen actually signed off on putting nine men on the line and the corners on an island against the magical QB who would eventually win the Heisman Trophy.  It worked.  In honor of that wonderful day, Bill Stewart sent seven after East Carolina's Patrick Pinkney on a fourth down late in the game and deep in WVU territory.  It worked.


Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee Award:  The "Pancake Ballet" Wideouts

Alric Arnett, Bradley Starks, Wes Lyons, Jock Sanders, Tavon Austin, et. al.  They move and catch like dancers, block like bulls, and score like the Pittsburgh Penguins.  I can't remember a unit of receivers, and West Virginia has had some outstanding ones, who can put it all together as can the 2009 wideouts.  Then, when you consider that on 10 separate occasions bedlam erupted against East Carolina when Jarrett Brown took off and adjustments had to be made on the fly...


The Week Two Oh, No! There Goes Tokyo! Award:  Jarrett "Make a Play" Brown 

Over 400 yards of total offense accounted for and four touchdown passes, but one play speaks volumes about the Godzilla he is: less than a minute left in the first quarter, Mountaineers down 10-0, ball on the ECU 43-yard line. Jarrett sends Alric big and holds the ball until he is wide open.  The holding of the ball necessitated that Jarrett stare down the defensive end barrelling in on him.  At the last instant, Jarrett arcs the pass over the D-lineman as said D-lineman plants his face in Jarrett's sternum and drives him hard to the ground.  Touchdown, West Virginia.  Jarrett gets up and jogs away.

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