First Look at the 'Noles

Brett RichinsSenior Analyst ISeptember 15, 2009

imagesFirst off, let me just say that our Defense better shut these guys up because there is nothing in sports I hate more than the Tomohawk Chop of the ‘Noles (and Braves).

OK onto the scouting report…Offensively their style is the same that has given BYU fits over the last 6 years.  For starters they have a running QB, and he is a good running QB too.  I have to think that FSU will try and incorporate Ponder into the game just as Washington used Jake Locker to be a huge threat last year.  For some reason, we just have a really tough time containing running QBs and that will be challenge numero uno this week.

Their receivers are fast!  And I have to agree with what I have read in other media, they are faster than what BYU has faced before.  They are faster than Oklahoma by far (OU last year was fast…this year, not so much), and they are  faster than TCU.  Where BYU has really excelled in pass defense this year is getting pressure on the QB.  FSU has a light OL and we need to overpower them and get the QB fast and often!  If Ponder doesn’t have time in the pocket he can not take shots down the field.

I don’t foresee the run game being much of an issue for two reasons. 1) We go against beefier OLs all the time in conference play and 2) We have been dominating the run this year.  That is a major focus of the BYU defense.  TEAMS DON’T RUN ON US!

Defensively, this unit is young and many of them are playing together for the first time.  Thus far they have not gelled entirely in my opinion and have not found their stride.  They played a good Miami team and gave up 38 points on 90 rushing yards and 386 passing yards.  Our offense is more potent than Miami’s which leaves little question in my mind that we will move the ball.

The deciding factor in the game is going to be the fact that we are playing at LES!!!  With our fans ALL WEARING BLUE (hint hint) and going nuts it will be a great atmosphere.  Then there is the altitude.  All I’m going to say on the subject is that IT DOES MAKE  A DIFFERENCE!