Take It From Someone Who Was There, Raw Delivered!

Svyato RovenchukSenior Writer ISeptember 15, 2009

My journey to Monday Night Raw had a rough start as me and my dad ran into some traffic on the way to the Air Canada Centre. Then my dad got pissed at how much they wanted for parking so we had to drive to another parking lot. In the end we payed 10 bucks. We then walked over to the ACC to begin our Raw experience. It would be slightly delayed though after we saw the lines.

After we got past me and my dad went straight for the refreshments. Got ourselves a few drinks and some food and then we moved on. Next to come, was the gift shop. A woman and her younger daughter accidently bumped me, but apologized right away. It ended in them blabbing on about how Jericho is only using Big Show for success. I decided to keep my mouth shut. When I finally got to the front I see no Jericho shirt so I settle for second best which was CM Punk. To touch it up got a Hardy necklace too.

We made our way to our seats. Before the match started the arena was going wild. I even started a chant. I started shouting Cena sucks, Cena sucks, and it caught on. Eventually the guy that was suppose to sit beside me made it and luckily I didn't get one of those nuts who thought it was real.

Then around 8 : 15 we got treated to WWE Superstars before the Raw experience. First we had Sheamus issuing an open challenge to the ECW locker room. The challenge was answered by the small, but energetic Jamie Noble. Despite Noble's spirit, Sheamus defeated the man. A funny thing about it though is there was a guy not too far away from where I was sitting who shouted, "You suck, talk funny too." That cracked me up at the moment.

Second superstars match was for the ECW Championship. Toronto's own, Captain Charisma, Christian took on William Regal. Since I wasn't a fan of either guy I didn't really know who to cheer for, but since Christian is a Toronto hometown boy I cheered for him. Eventually it ended with Christian hitting a Kill Switch and retaining the title. Oh and what an ovation he got!

Last superstars match was Santino Marrella Vs The Masterpiece, Chris Masters. The match was a pleaset superise. Both men brought it and delivered. Santino was hilarious as usual in the match. There was a point when he even put the Masterlock on Masters himself. Sadly Chris broke out of that easily and locked in one of his own and put Santino out.

Finally Lilian came out to the ring announcing that we would go live on the score in 30 seconds. Turned out to be a lie, after 30 seconds she said we will be live in 2 minutes. Eventually Raw did come on the air ready to deliver what I hoped would be a night to remember.

The show started with Lilian announcing the return of Dave Batista. At first the man came out with a cast on his hand. He said that he was retiring. Obviously you knew Orton would come out and he did. He told Dave that he is the reason Batista is leaving WWE. Eventually it ended up with Batista taking off his cast and kicking Orton's ass. He also announced that he is going to SmackDown and that his last match on Raw would be a No Holds Barred match against Randy Orton himself.

The thing that kinda got to me was almost every break we would see commercials for the Wrestlemania 25 DVD. That is what we had before the show too. You wouldn't believe the reaction that Orton highlights got. Pure hatred towards the man. The best break was probably the best sign competition. My favourite was when they showed a young girl with a sign that said I love Cena and my boyfriend just has to deal with it. That got the arena laughing. Another thing that was pretty awesome was the kiss cam done by Jilian Hall.

After the first break our lovely guest host, Trish Stratus came out to announce the Hell In A Cell match at Hell In A Cell that involved the WWE title. She announced that it would be Orton Vs Cena in a rematch.

We had a great tag match to follow when we got The Miz and Jack Swagger Vs Kofi Kingston and Primo Colon. It ended with Miz walking away with the US Championship. Not literally because Kofi is still champ, but he took the title and walked away. The match was ended when Jack Swagger got the pinfall.

Toronto was ready for some diva action coming up. It was a No. 1 contendership between Gail Kim and Alicia Fox. We also had Mickie James on guest commentary. She was scouting her next opponent. Gail Kim got a tremendous ovation from Toronto seeing that she is from Toronto. It would not end well for the hometown girl, as Alicia got the pin on Gail Kim. Some little kid behind me was screaming women can't wrestle! I told him that he should keep his mouth shut because she can still out wrestle him. That shut him up.

There was a great promo backstage with Trish Stratus, Beth Phoenix, and Chris Jericho. Beth was complaining about why she was not in the No. 1 contenders match for the Divas title earlier in the night. We also had Chris Jericho there. They referred back to pre Wrestlemania 20 time when there was that storyline with Chris Jericho falling in love with Trish. It had some pretty good mic work. It eventually ended up with Trish announcing that it would be Beth Phoenix and Chris Jericho tagging up against her and a mystery partner.

We also had a great match in Ted Dibiase Vs Shawn "HBK" Michaels. First Legacy came out with smiles on their faces and bragging about their victory over D-X in Montreal. They even showed footage of it with Shawn Michaels tapping out to the Million Dollar Dream. Eventually we had DX come out to a large pop and they started the match. It would ended in a no contest as Cody Rhodes got involved in the match locking in a Figure 4 leg lock on Michaels. It ended with DX fighting Legacy. With Triple H on one side of the arena and Shawn and Ted on the other. Eventually security got them apart. One notable thing from Toronto is we heard chants towards HBK that went something like, "You screwed Bret, you screwed Bret!" Something I was suriprised didn't get chanted in Montreal.

Then we had the midget and highflyer vs the underrated superstar and Carribean heel with his girlfriend. Basically it was Hornswoggle and Evan Bourne Vs Chavo Guerrero and Carlito accompanied to the ring by the astonishing Rosa. I used this time to go to the toilet and take a leak when I came back I saw Hornswoggle pinning Chavo and winning. Followed by Chavo admitting defeat to Horny.

Then we had another amazing looking diva competing as it was Trish Stratus and MVP(mystery partner) Vs Chris Jericho and Hulkwoman, Beth Phoenix. Before Chris came out though we heard a funny remark from Trish about Jericho doing his hair. We got to see clips of what Trish has been doing after retiring from the WWE. The match ended in DQ as Big Show got involved.

Trish would not let that happen though as she announced it'll be a 6 man tag now(adding Henry and Show to the match). In the 3 on 3 tag match it was Trish obviously picking up the pin. Another notable thing was Jericho saying, "You wanna have a tag match for all of these parasites and hypocrites in the crowd, fine. I can't wait to get out of here and back to the US." That really got him a lot of boos from the crowd. He was also getting really into it with one of the fans. Ladies and gentleman, that is a great heel.

Finally the match the crowd was waiting for, Dave "The Animal" Batista Vs Randy "The Legend Killer" Orton. Randy came out to an amazing amount of boos and Dave to an amazing amount of cheers. The match went pretty well. At one point Randy decided he was done with the match. He started to walk out just when the WWE Champion, John Cena came out to take him back to the ring.

Randy saw no way out. On one side, you had the man that destroyed you last night on the other you had a hot blooded animal. Eventually Orton decide to go through Cena. It would fail though as Cena took him and threw him back into the ring. It set him up for a spinebuster, followed by a Batista Bomb and a pin fall.

Batista was celebrating, but was then attacked by Legacy. He held his own for a while, but then Legacy started to take control. John Cena would come out to assist Dave, but the numbers were not in their favour and Legacy continued to dominate.

Then came DX to the rescue. DX came into the ring with Shawn and Triple H taking out Legacy. They helped Batista back to their feet and they got rid of Legacy. That left Randy Orton all alone with Triple H, Shawn Michaels, John Cena, and Batista. As Orton got up he noticed that there was no where to run. It started with a Sweet Chin Music. Followed up by a Pedigree and finished with a Attitude Adjustment.

D Generation X along with Batista and Cena stood tall and triumphant. This was certainly a night I enjoyed. I guess they must've known I was in attendance so they decided to put on a good show.