Man-Up Tom & Do Your Job!

Mark HicksContributor ISeptember 15, 2009

Let me start by saying this: I am a HUGE Tom Brady fan!

Despite the fact that I am both a Cleveland Browns and an Ohio State fan, I put aside my sport allegiance to support a former Michigan player and the NFL's most marque player.

That being said, his actions at the end of Bills game were ridiculous.

While I believe that some of these pre-game and post-game comments are meaningless, I do think that Tom Brady was being a jerk by not acknowledging Suzy Kolber. Let's be honest, with the additions of Facebook, Twitter, and shows like TMZ, today's media has so much access to these athletes that it's difficult for them to get a moment to themselves.

On the flip side, however, this was the career that they have chosen for themselves and they are being handsomely paid for that career. So in turn, they need to consider that being constantly harassed by reporters is one of the job's "requirements". I don't see Tom Brady or any other mega-star athlete turning down the numerous "perks" that this opportunity gives.

I wonder if Tom "the Office-Max manager" Brady would have the opportunity to be noticed by, much less be married to a super-model like Gisele Bundchen if he wasn't a 3-time Super Bowl winning quarterback? Probably not! I guess it's safe to say that Mrs. Brady was definitely one of those "perks"!

So, memo to Tom: Let Suzy do her job and stop being a jerk! I'ts only 3 minutes!