"Tifosi" Crying Tears Of Red After Unfortunate 2009 Season For Ferrari

Todd TimberlakeContributor ISeptember 15, 2009

3 Mar 2002:  Ferrari fans go wild after Michael Schumacher won the 2002 Fosters Australian Grand Prix  at the Albert Park Circuit, Melbourne, Australia. DIGITAL IMAGE. Mandatory Credit: Mark Thompson/ALLSPORT

With the close of the 2009 Formula 1 Championship drawing near, Ferrari has yet to prove themselves as the top team in the sport.  After multiple years of success through the Schumacher era, Scuderia is failing to impress.  Whether it was the multitude of changes to the sporting rules and regulations for 2009, or simply a lack of preparation and R & D in the off-season (unlikely), the fact remains that Ferrari will, at best, clinch 3rd in the Constructors Championship.  What about the Driver's Championship?  With the devastating accident in qualifying at Hungaroring that took Massa out for the season, the Driver's Championship began to look evermore grim.  Teammate Kimi Raikkonen has taken it upon himself to lift team spirit and take them to the podium, albeit he has only been able to accomplish 1 race win (the team's only on the season).  Many Tifosi's dream of Michael Schumacher stepping out of retirement for injured Felipe Massa, was smashed as the German reported that his return was stopped in its tracks due to injuries he sustained in a motorcycling accident months ago.  The season's end draws closer, and it is yet to be known what replacement (for Massa) Giancarlo Fisichella, will be likely to accomplish in the coming 4 races. "Fisi" is a great sub for test driver Luca Badoer, who in two races was unable to score a single point for SF, but his time is up for 2009.  The team must make up pace in the off-season if they wish to keep the screaming Tifosi at bay for the 2010 Championship.  Let's hope that Luca di Montezemolo and his crew can pull a 180 in Maranello over the winter, or the Tifosi may just slam on their brakes and bust a J-turn to focus their attention on the newly founded American teams that will be joining the sport for 2010!!!!