Fantasy Football Add/Drop Week 1

Garrett OlsenCorrespondent ISeptember 15, 2009

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Week one is in the books and I hope everyone had a great weak one.  Playing the team that had Drew Brees, Thomas Jones and Reggie Wayne in one league hurt my chances of winning and then Brandon Jacobs, Anquan Boldin and Eddie Royal's poor performances sunk me in my other league.

Anyways there are some surprise players that put up huge numbers last week that are owned in less than 50% of all leagues.

Adds for QB's: Jamarcus Russel- Russel looked great against a tough San Diego defense and he could be a solid bench option or bye week option.  Chad Pennington- Pennington had a solid game and like Russel, could be a solid bye week option.  I would suggest picking one of these up if you own Donovan McNabb and your back up has a bad match up.  I wouldn't drop any QB yet.  It's too early to tell.

Adds for RB's: Willis McGahee- McGahee had a surprising 40 yards and two touchdowns in week one.  Everyone figured Ray Rice to get the majority of the work, but it looks like McGahee and Rice will split.  McGahee could be a solid flex option or bye week option in deeper league.  Keep an eye on him and pick him up now to be safe.  If Rice goes down McGahee will get 16 touches a game. Michael Bush- Bush looks like Oakland's goal line back and may be a decent flex option in deep leagues.  Fill free to drop Earnest Graham of Tampa Bay.  He won't do much with Ward and WIlliams ahead of him.

Adds for WR's: Patrick Crayton is the big Add of the week due to his big game with Dallas last week.  He is a great target for Romo to go along with Willaims and Avery.  Don't expect that big of a game from Crayton next week, but 6-10 points is possible.  I'd pick him up if you own Anquan Boldin or any other receiver with injury issues.  Devery Henderson- Henderson had a huge week with New Orleans as did almost every other WR Brees threw too.  With Brees as the QB, Henderson could have a few more big weeks.  I'd only start him with good match ups but he could be a great insurance.  Justin Gage- Gage is the number one target for Collins in Tennessee.  Gage is a decent start with a good match up, but only start him in deeper leagues or if you have no better options at your flex position.  Fill free to drop Jeremy Maclin of Philadelphia.  He didn't even play last game and looks like he won't play much this year. 

If Percy Harvin is available in any leagues pick him up immediately.  He will be very valuable in Minnesota with Favre throwing to him.  That concludes my add/drops for this week.  Good luck next week and tune in later this week for more fantasy talk.


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