Joe Flacco is Not Trent Dilfer

ExtremeRavens .comCorrespondent ISeptember 15, 2009

Joe Flacco is not Trent Dilfer.

That not certainly does not come as a surprise to any fan of the Ravens. But around the league, to other fans and commentators, Flacco was nothing more than a glorified Trent Dilfer throughout his rookie season.

Take a glance at the numbers though, especially the Ravens heavy reliance on the run (nearly 40 attempts per game),  and it is easy to see why anyone not intimately familiar with the Ravens would confuse the two. Flacco’s mediocre 80.3 passer rating certainly didn’t help his cause, either.

But on Sunday against the Chiefs, Flacco stood up and put the Ravens offensive attack on his shoulders in a way that Trent Dilfer never did. And, with all respect to Dilfer, Flacco did so in a way Dilfer would never be able to.  (more…)