Darren McFadden Flyin' High with Oakland Raiders

Jimmy BradshawContributor IMay 26, 2008

Darren "High Flyin'" McFadden has impressed the Oakland Raiders in pre-season mini-camp workouts.

He has proven his versatility in running both between the tackles and catching a flare out of the backfield.

As with LaDainian Tomlinson in San Diego, McFadden has the capability to toss an option pass from the backfield following a pitch. I believe he will be the biggest ally to JaMarcus Russell in a "catch-up" second year after Russell held out during his rookie campaign.

The Raiders have added tools at the wideout spot. Javon Walker, released by the Denver Broncos, has been signed and hopes are that he stays healthy following an ACL injury and some spotty behavior.

Drew Carter has been impressive in these early-season mini-camps.  He's another signee who has been impressive running routes and proving gritty possession.

Carter is 6'3", 205, and recorded 39 receptions and five TDs in the past season when he started seven games for the Carolina Panthers.

The Raiders have a coach counting down the clock. Lane Kiffin deserves better. He is not supported by the administration and is a good young football mind, much like Mike Shanahan was before being jettisoned by Al Davis. However, their roster appears to be strengthened.

Mr. Davis needs to turn the team over to someone astute as opposed to "astupid" in the evaluation process.