Jeff Clement: Minor Catcher May Be Major Soon

Nicky PContributor IMay 26, 2008

Two months into the season and the waiver wire is looking mighty thin behind the plate with the likes of foddlers’ Jason Kendall, Kurt Suzuki, and dare I say…Paul LoDuca?

Well, if you have a bench spot available, see if you can snatch Seattle catcher Jeff Clement. 

His premature, kneejerk demotion back to triple-A after 56 at-bats was ill-advised as the Tacoma backstop homered in a third straight game last Thursday. 

Jose Vidro has one RBI this month in the DH spot while Clement has 1263 OPS down on the farm. 

This kid is the goods and will be back up in no time. 

So if a befuddled owner dropped him or even better for you—if he went unnoticed in your league—run don't walk to the pick-up button and get this guy with monster potential at the perennial weak fantasy position.