2009 Week 2 BCSFP Finalized

Michael HoppesCorrespondent ISeptember 15, 2009

The 2009 Week 2 BCS Fan Poll is finalized. The top 4 spots stay the same, with Oklahoma State the only big mover dropping 12 spots. Notre Dame fell out of the poll with Houston earning the replacement spot. Only 4 teams earned first place votes: Florida, Texas, USC and BYU.

There was an error with early voting that is almost fully cleaned up. The problem has been solved, and I am confident that this problem will not occur again. To help guard against voters voting the wrong week, the ballot now displays what week you are voting for (Thanks for the suggestion ru4granted). If you notice the week number looks weird or funny, you may wish to wait to vote until later in the window.

Lastly, several users are reporting that the red X buttons to remove a team from the top 25 list are not aligned with the team to remove. If you are using Internet Explorer or FireFox, to solve this you just need to upgrade to the latest version. This has solved the problem for several users. For Google Chrome users, this problem will exist in the short term, until I can solve it. I recommend using FireFox until then. If you are using some other browser and have problems with the NEW and AWESOME voting booth, please let me know. I have done no testing other than the 3 browsers listed above.