U.S. Open: Bad Loss from Roger Federer

A.Contributor ISeptember 15, 2009

The U.S. Open final of 2009 has to be the worst match I've seen Roger play since the Australian open. Sixty-nine unforced errors, 50 percent first serve percentage and a fifth set that ended much like that in Australia. T

his final should have been done in straight sets by Roger. Even after Del Potro had taken the second set tie-break, you always expected Roger to just dig deep and come through, but he didn't and i keep wondering why?

You didn't see the same fighting spirit and heart that you normally do from him, it was like he was just not bothered whether he won or not. Has he indeed lost his motivation to win? or was it just a  bad day at the office.

After the way Roger dealt with Novak Djokovic in the semi-finals, i thought a sixth straight title was his. Yes Del potro gave Rafael Nadal his worst defeat in a grand slam, but it was no where near Rafa's best performance and he was unable to penetrate through Del Potro like i thought Roger's forehand would.

I feel now that it is going to get more difficult to win slams from now on, he's surely opened pandora's box, or rather Del Potro's box by not nipping his challenge in the bud, like it should have been, now he has four Grand Slam challengers to fend off.

Del Potro has, without doubt gained a huge amount of confidence from this win and will go far into other grand slams posing a bigger threat to Roger's bid for more title's.

This could have so easily have been a straight sets victory by Federer, and that is what is so annoying about his loss to me. Del Potro played a fantastic match and I don't want to take anything away from him, but was it Roger's greatest performance? I don't think so.