Creating a Monster: Inside The Mind of a College Football Junkie.

David PachecoCorrespondent ISeptember 15, 2009

LONDON - APRIL 07: In this photo illustration punters check the form as they place bets ahead of this weekend's Grand National at a betting shop on April 7, 2006 in London, England.  Bookmakers fear Scottish backing for Clan Royal,  one of the leading contenders in the Grand National at odds of around 5-1 could cost them hundreds of millions of pounds.  (Photo Illustration by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

Its September 2nd, 11:30pm CST I am sitting in my favorite chair with all the lights off, the T.V. on and watching the 1991 National Championship FED EX Orange Bowl.(Colorado vs. Notre Dame) What a game that was.  Back up QB for Colorado (Charles Johnson) came off the bench to be the game MVP.  Notre Dame was star studded that year, with 43 seconds left in the 4th Rocket Ismail returns a punt 91 yards, the game is over! Notre Dame is the National Champion.  Wait...there is a flag on the field.  The rest is history. 

Why am I watching this game when I have to be up in 5 hours, and have orange fingers from the Jalapeno Cheddar Cheetos? 

Because the greatest time of year is going to begin tomorrow, some people look for ward to the holidays, some to their birthday, or anniversary.....those all pale in comparison to what is about to take place over the next 5 months. 

I am sure we are all professionals, laborers, qualified competent people, then this wonderful glorious sacred time arrives, and we all become "Hyde".  Ready to crush the opposition that dares question loyalty to our team!

Let's be honest, there are not many chances in adult life we can call somebody in our work environment to their face a "complete idiot who is making a worthless, fact-less, uneducated statement that deserves to be slapped" and get away with it. 

Its a time of year that spouses get a little less attention, we are secretly checking the scores in meetings, on conference calls, the kids homework is not as big a priority as checking the latest b/r post or reply, that honey do list is going to get longer and have to wait, and if we were to check, the amount of malted hops and barley along with some fried ...well anything, is tripled in consumption. 

Yes, it is here.

College Football Season has bestowed its greatness on us. Ahhh....I can feel it in my veins. 

There are many out there who call themselves experts or analysts, they claim to have a grasp on this, and are here to feed our hunger, our need, our fix. 

They appear to have this need, this desire for the sport in check, do not let them fool you!

They are who we thought they were! (where did I hear that?)

Junkies of college football. 

I understand the passion involved in the other professional sports and that is not to take away from that.  My argument would be, how often do 110,000 people get together, and are there for single purpose?  To scream in agony, to cry in delight, to feel the very depths of you soul be taken to new heights and lows in a single drive of a game. 

For the moment, the zen moment, the mountain top, bragging rights, of watching your team raise the crystal football.  If people say they deserved it or not, you can remind them and say whatever you want and get underneath everyone's skin, until the next season begins. 

In turn, all that does is justify all the late night sports casts, checking the scores at dance recitals, making sure you coordinate you social life around the game of the week.  Why do we do this to ourselves?  See the paragraph above. 

Well, we are two weeks in and I am already feenin for Thursday, Friday and of course Saturday. 

So, if you are sitting reading this and telling yourself, self, I am not that guy, I am in control and can control it.

Denial is the first stage.