Can Kobe Bryant Lead the Lake Show to the Finals?

tee polkAnalyst IMay 26, 2008

They said that Kobe would never make it out of the first round of the playoffs, he'd would never win and MVP award, he would never be a leader, and they said that he could never win without Shaq. 

Well, Kobe has proved everyone wrong, because he has done all of the above with a mediocre supporting cast.

Kobe is hands-down the best player in the world with a basketball in his hands because he knows how to take over a game and get his teammated involved when it matters the most.

Plus, all he ever asked for was a little help, and the Lakers front office got him just that with the addition of Pau Gasol, who has been a big help for the Lakers in their successful run this season.

For the first time in Kobe's career he was rewarded for his hard work and effort by winning the MVP award, and he didn't even have to lead the league in scoring or put up lots of 50 point games.

He is also no longer the ball hog, but rather a team player, and it showed during the season. Even while Kobe played through injuries, it never slowed him down as the Lakers looked like the Lakers of old.

So now the question that everyone wants to know is: Can Kobe win it all?

Kobe has a great supporting cast that can get the job done, but a lot of speculators out there are saying that the team is too young, and besides Kobe, can Gasol and Odom really step their game up in a NBA Finals?

Kobe is an amazing player and the deadliest clutch player in the game today, but it's him being Batman and having no Robin that will be the difference in the Lakers quest to a championship.